In Brief

Digital evolution
To meet the energy challenges of the future, EDP is turning itself into a data-driven service provider that continuously offers new and innovative services focused on the end customer. As an enabling foundation for these services, EDP is leveraging GreenCom Networks’ Energy Information Brokerage Platform. “GreenCom Networks is providing us with a leading-edge technology platform that realises the Energy Internet of Things and enables us to create new products and services for our customers rapidly,” says Marta Diaz from EDP Spain.

Oil sponges
An international research team headed up in South Australia by Flinders University’s Dr Justin Chalker, has developed a reusable sponge-like polymer to efficiently soak up oil spills in the world’s oceans. The absorbent rubber polymer is made of waste cooking oil from fast food outlets and sulphur – a by-product of the petroleum industry. The polymer absorbs oil much like a sponge, forming a gel that can be scooped out of the water; capable of absorbing 2-3 times its mass in oil or diesel, it is also reusable. It could be commercially available by the end of 2018.

Floating wind
Flintstone Technology Ltd is diversifying its market-leading mooring operations to help drive down costs for the offshore floating wind industry. Flintstone has developed a set of mooring system solutions to match specific project requirements in oil and gas and marine renewable energy. With decades of experience in the oil and gas industry, this knowledge combined with the mooring solutions, is transferable and provides substantial benefits to offshore floating wind in lowering costs and increasing reliability.