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Oil & Gas news in Brief

North Sea development
A total of 32 crude and natural gas projects are expected to commence operations in the North Sea region by 2025, with the UK claiming the highest number at 22, followed by Norway and Denmark with nine and one respectively, according to research and consulting firm GlobalData.

This estimate is down slightly from GlobalData’s previous estimate of 36 new projects. The change in planned project count is mainly a result of the start of production at several projects. The company’s report states that Statoil ASA will lead the North Sea in terms of operatorship of planned projects, with the highest number of planned assets in the region with four crude projects. Maersk OIie og Gas AS and EnQuest PLC jointly occupy second place, with three planned projects each.

Material innovation
Material innovation is ramping up in solar as the industry aims to address the widespread decrease in performance over time that affects photovoltaic (PV) modules, according to Lux Research.

Lux Research analysts examined new initiatives to arrest degradation of PV modules and their potential benefits. Among their findings: Growth markets lie in harsh climes. Better ways to prevent degradation are key because many promising emerging solar markets lie in extreme climate zones: Mexico, Chile, Turkey, South Africa, India, and Malaysia.

No single technology will do the trick. A next generation metal wrap through (MWT) module with polyolefin encapsulation offers performance benefits in moderate, and hot and humid climates, while Solaria and Yingli modules are optimal in hot and dry zones. Standard glass/ glass technology with polyolefin encapsulation leads in cold and snowy places.