IVM Construction Inc.

IVM Construction Inc. has built client relationships with a focus on timely service, quality, consistency and safety to stand out in the rapidly growing Bakken Shale oil and gas market.

Incorporated in 2005 as a pipeline contractor, IVM Construction today offers a broad range of construction and energy services to clients in the Bakken and elsewhere in the region. “We saw the need for a company that could come in and complete projects from start to finish, eliminating inefficiencies and extra cost,” President Joseph McKitrick says.

IVM’s services today include road and pad construction, roustabout services, pipeline construction, emergency repair and maintenance, trucking and asset positioning, wellsite equipment rental and aggregate and crushing production. “We are always looking to broaden our services to accommodate whatever needs our clients may have in the future,” he adds.

In addition to the oil and gas market, IVM Construction also serves the wind energy, commercial, industrial, municipal and government sectors.

For most companies serving the oil and gas market near the Bakken Shale, the exponential growth and activity has brought the challenge of even greater competition. IVM Construction is facing the challenge of keeping up with the demand for services while competing in a highly competitive environment. For McKitrick, this challenge is one that he not only thrives on, but also feels the Bowman, N.D.-based energy services company is more than equipped to handle.

“The Bakken is a very dynamic place given its size, quality and investor interest – it’s a constantly changing market that’s attracted a lot of outside contractors.” McKitrick says. “Our advantage is that we’re a local contractor who’s in it for the long haul. We work with our customers and care about our employees and it shows in our work.” IVM’s expertise in multiple service areas and 24-hour availability to clients has made the company a strong competitor in the Bakken.

Standardized Excellence
Providing a high level of service to customers is a priority for IVM Construction. The company has established best practices to guide its work and ensure consistency, including standardized processes for each job type. There is a set procedure for every installation and project IVM handles. One such procedure is the installation of tank batteries. “We can build tank batteries like an assembly line,” McKitrick says. “It’s not left up to the discretion of field employees.”

The company’s dedication to service and positive reputation has helped it to secure many repeat customers. “Most of our work is based on the ongoing relationships we have, and only a small percentage of it is hard-bid work,” he adds. “Maintaining customer relationships and making sure we’re providing the best service possible is the key to our success.“

IVM Construction works with vendors and suppliers who share a similar approach to service and relationship building. “In order to provide the best possible service to customers, we need good suppliers that understand timeliness,” he adds.

Dedication to Safety
IVM Construction’s service quality is further ensured in part by the company’s dedication to training. The largest area of training within the company concerns proper safety procedures.

The company’s quality and safety system includes training, daily tailgate meetings and on-the-job safety analysis. IVM also has management processes in place to ensure its projects meet industry and customer standards. These processes also include regular inspections by trained and experienced personnel. The company complies with a number of standards including those outlined by the Department of Transportation’s Office of Pipeline Safety, ISNetworld and PEC Premier. IVM is a member of North Dakota Safety Council and two private safety service companies.

“Our goal is to get everyone home safe every night,” McKitrick says. “With larger exploration and production companies in the area, our clients require more stringent safety programs, and we feel we’re ahead of the curve in meeting those requirements.”

In addition to its involvement in safety organizations, IVM Construction is also a member of the North Dakota Petroleum Council. Employees are also encouraged to participate in local events and charitable causes. “Our goal is to try to be a part of the communities in the areas we work, and help make them a place where people want to live,” McKitrick says.