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For over 20 years, Jotron Phontech has offered not only an extensive, but also flexible range of audio products that have been carefully and expertly designed and built for harsh maritime environments.

Founded on the premise that reliable voice communication systems linking the bridge to engine rooms, accommodation cabins and various internal and external locations are vital for safe operations onboard ships and offshore installations, the company is dedicated to the persistent research and development of its address systems to meet the exact requirements of a broad client base. Today, Jotron Phontech’s analogue and digital communication systems can be found in various formats on numerous merchant ships, fishing vessels, tug boats and offshore supply vessels, as well as navy ships and offshore oil and gas installations worldwide.

With flexibility at the heart of its design facility, the entire portfolio is available in variable configurations to accommodate for differing requirements, numbers and locations of telephone sub-stations. The company also provides solutions for mandatory emergency communication systems including battery-less telephones, also known as sound powered telephones, while additional products include sound reception system solo operation bridges, wireless paging systems and antenna distribution systems for conventional radio and TV signals. Guaranteeing competent communication technology is not only advantageous for those operating in harsh marine environments, but it is also a necessity for safety and efficiency. As such, Jotron Phontech’s products are predominantly utilised in the three main markets of maritime vessels, including civilian boats from very large crude carriers (VLCC) to leisure boats down to ten metres, oil and gas self-propelled vessels and fixed oil and gas installations, both up- and downstream.

Tor Kristian Lystad, managing director of Jotron Phontech explains how the company maintains its market leading credentials: “We offer an unrivalled competence in meeting industry requirements when it comes to usage, regulations and standards. Customers know when they approach us that they will receive a product that meets all guidelines for safety and reliability in one complete package. We also supply the complete value chain from research and development to production and engineering, as well as sales and marketing. Close working relationships are of the utmost importance to us and it is this specialisation that allows us to retain positive partnerships with our client base that is made up of all types of ship owner and operators in the marine and oil and gas segment. Many of our clients hold approved vendor lists and we work hard to ensure we are present and preferred at all times.”

With specific emphasis on vessels and oil and gas installations, the company is able to interface its audio systems with other equipment such as wireless stations, fire and gas detection and alarm systems of various types. The common requirement for IP (internet provider) based connections is driven by demands for optimised cabling, integration with other systems and connections to remote centres for services, and this is especially important for oil and gas platforms where customers expect ease of contact throughout the computer network. For those in harsh and demanding marine environments, Jotron Phontech endeavours to design solutions with high availability, self-diagnostics and the ability to send fault messages to the right people. In such conditions it is vital that communication systems are fault tolerant and easy to maintain and repair. The majority of the equipment is tested and approved by bodies such as DnV, ABS, RINA, CCS, RMRS and NEMKO.

Indeed, with such high suitability to demanding fields, the last few months alone have brought lucrative contracts to the company’s door. For example, Jotron Phontech has recently delivered MPA 1600 public address systems to Sevan Marine for its new Sevan Driller 2 and Petrobras for use on its P55 and P63 FPSOs, as well as PAGA 1700 (public address and general alarm) systems to the Shell Malaysia St Joseph accommodation platform re-development and Statoil’s Snorre A retrofit project.

Whilst permanently developing new concepts, the company has most recently launched an innovative new IP-based PAGA system. Building upon its Phontech 1700 PAGA concept, this new design boasts touch screen access panels and a touch screen based engineering and test station for enhanced usability. Moreover, a preliminary design for an IP-based integrated communication system 6200 has also been added to the portfolio, while a brand new sound reception system based on new technology utilising a cluster microphone and IP communication to the display device is coming to the fore.

“Our strategy is to grow every year and take market shares step-by-step within our distinctive market segments by being the most attractive partner both for end users, system integrators and distributors,” Tor concludes. “Our overall vision is to be world leader for our core product capabilities, with our solutions being recognised as best-in-class with regards to technical functionality, quality and value for money.”

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