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Konepaja Häkkinen Oy is a Finland-based company that specialises in the machining of various parts for a range of industries including pulp and paper, energy, wind power, offshore and maritime.

Established in 1980 by entrepreneur Keijo Häkkinen, the business started its operations in the town of Raisio, where it manufactured various components for powder mills.

In these early days, the company’s main activities were machining subcontracting, and so an emphasis was placed upon investing in top of the range machine tools and manufacturing equipment. Following this philosophy the company grew, and today it employs more than 370 people across four centres of excellence across the country. With more than 54,000 square metres of production hall capacity, the company serves several industry segments and various leading OEMs.

With production facilities located in the townships of Raisio, Turku, Tikkakoski and Jyväskylä, Konepaja Häkkinen possesses various facilities that include vertical turning lathes, horizontal boring and milling machines and machining centres. Furthermore, the company is also well versed in demanding welding, machining and assembling of heavy and exacting acid-proof and carbon steel components.

The company today is renowned throughout Europe for its capability to manufacture large and demanding parts, as well as heavyweight and mid-range components of high quality. All of Konepaja Häkkinen’s operations are based on both the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 standard quality management systems, and stateof the-art machinery is utilised in all cases.

Jari Salo, business development director of Konepaja Häkkinen, elaborates upon some of his company’s key strengths: “Everything we make is manufactured according to customer specifications and drawings, and the fact that wedo this across multiple industries requires a very large portfolio of capabilities and competences. Because of the demanding nature of these products, we also endeavour to maintain a highly competent staff.”

At the Raisio site, the company has access to several large size boring and milling machines, as well as vertical and horizontal lathes. With a total manufacturing floor space of 15,000 square metres, this facility is able to reach a turning and hollow boring capacity of up to 25.5 metres in length, making it the largest machine of its type in Europe. This capacity is designed for risers and rotary component manufacturing.

The Turku site further complements Konepaja Häkkinen’s offering, as it uses large bores at medium speed engine blocks for both diesel and gas engines. Both the Raisio and Turku facilities are located near the Turku port, which ensures that large component transportation is made easy. As one of the main ports in Finland, operating throughout the year and with scheduled cost effective cargo lines to European ports, the company is able to take advantage of trade routes across the continent.

Konepaja Häkkinen’s proficiency in developing products that directly meet the customers’ demands stems from its ethos of working closely with all clients. Jari explains: “We pride ourselves on close relationships, and this is very important as some of our clients don’t have their own manufacturing departments anymore, and instead concentrate on engineering and design. This means that when they need to design something totally new, they will consult us with regards to all the manufacturing needs.“

Working with customers across multiple industries also means that Konepaja Hakkinen has to remain both flexible and adaptable to any changes in regulations that may occur. Jari reveals: “Both the offshore and maritime industries work according to very specific rules, and operations are very heavily regulated throughout these segments. Specifications are very tight and stringent, and so we have to be able to provide our services with a quality that meets such regulations.”

In addition to possessing a wide range of equipment across its sites, another important factor in the success of Konepaja Häkkinen is the abilities of its staff, according to Jari: “Having the adequately skilled people is vital to us and we place a very high value in all of our employees. It is very rare that people leave our company, and we are always striving to retain our talented personnel. Throughout our organisation, we are constantly making sure we have the best people for the job available. Despite the global economical downturn, we have not laid off any of our staff – such is the importance we place upon their collective expertise. We need to have the right skill set throughout the whole organisation and we are always monitoring the labour market very closely to seek out new talent and further enhance our service offering.”

By continuing to develop in these areas, Jari predicts that there will be a lot of opportunities in the market for Konepaja Häkkinen for years to come. He highlights: “The European offshore oil and gas industry is one that has grown significantly over the last couple of decades, and it has shown no signs of slowing down. There will always be new build programmes taking place, there is the servicing of older wells and then there is the constant exploration of new well sites taking place. These newer sites are often in difficult deep sea locations and so new technology will always be required – which naturally provides potential for us to play a role in the equipment supply chain.”

Looking ahead, Jari discusses some of the company’s plans for the future: “Our geographical location in Finland means that we are well suited to serve the North Sea oil and gas industry, whilst also expanding our foothold in other developing industries in the region. Russia, for instance, is a country that we expect to increase its involvement in oil production in the coming years. There are a significant amount of reservoirs in Russia that are just waiting to be exploited, and when they are we will be ideally positioned to lend our support in manufacturing to the oil and gas OEM’s projects in Russia market. Operators in Eastern Europe will need to have access to Western technology and so we can help connect the two. Furthermore, the history of industry in Finland is closely linked with Russia – we know how trade works between the two countries, and our understanding of both markets will give a significant advantage. Konepaja Häkkinen will remain a long-term partner in oil and gas equipment manufacturing.”

Konepaja Hakkinen Oy
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