Lonkar Services Ltd.

Since it began operations in 1985, Lonkar Services Ltd. has continued to grow thanks to its commitment to safety, quality and innovation. Today, the company employs more than 500 employees in 18 locations.

Lonkar is a division of Schlumberger Canada Limited. A full service wireline company, it provides slickline plus logging and perforating services in all aspects of drilling, completions, production and workover via a fleet of 85 modern slickline and combination wire line service units.

The company can manufacture, repair, maintain and calibrate all subsurface and surface equipment used in day-to-day operations, including fabrication and manufacture of wireline and crane units, as well as repair and recertification for all auxiliary equipment.

Strong Core
The company strives to provide its oil and gas industry customers with a competitive edge by giving them access to the unique solutions and new technologies they need. In addition, it aims to combine superior service with state-of-the-art equipment.

Lonkar is extremely attentive to detail so it can ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy. On everything from custom-built service vehicles to benchmark training standards, the company’s inhouse development and quality control efforts help it to maximize results for Lonkar and its customers.

Lonkar searches for and provides services that can satisfy its customers. The company’s traditional core strength has been in the slickline wireline arena. Its slickline wireline service offerings extend from critical sour service capabilities, slant hole experience, combination wireline units and a complete line of tools and equipment. This allows it to cover any client need, from high-pressure and high-temperature electronic downhole recorders to pipe recovery tools.

Over time, the company’s roster of available services has grown as it has expanded beyond its slickline wireline foundation to offer a wide range of services. Based in Red Deer, Alberta, it has operation centers throughout Western Canada, Colorado and North Dakota, allowing it to operate as a multi-faceted company that can serve the oil and gas industry in a number of areas.

Expansive Services
Lonkar is able to take advantage of its experience and expertise in a vast array of areas beyond slickline wireline service. This includes data management, well testing services, memory logging, instrumentation and data reporting, cased hole logging and perforating, and pipe recovery.

In the data management area, Lonkar offers surface data management and permanent monitoring. Its surface data applications are buoyed by highly trained teams and expert on-site instrumentation technicians that utilize equipment designed for the Western basin. This allows the company to offer data solutions that range from completions to product optimization.

Data is easily accessible, so analysis can begin immediately. The company has implemented remote real-time web data access, and its surface data applications are highly portable, facilitating the movement of Lonkar’s teams to locations that are inaccessible by conventional transportation.

As for its permanent monitoring data management offerings, Lonkar’s downhole to surface readout system is designed to be a cost-effective, permanent monitoring solution that sends downhole pressure and temperature data to client computers in real-time. The system can be used in a variety of applications, from reservoir management, pump systems monitoring and production optimization to cavern monitoring, observation wells, interference testing and injection wells.

With well testing, Lonkar offers versatile equipment and services. Its pressure tank packages vary in pressures up to 1000 psi, while capacities range from 3.5m3 to 32m3 skidded and portable units. Its high stage separators provide heated, three-phase production testing and in-line flow testing. Cold separators allow for sweet shallow gas well testing with minimal fluids for in-line flow tests and proving critical flows.

Lonkar’s memory logging services allow clients to troubleshoot any type of wellbore, whether they deal with shallow, conventional or CBM gas, light or heavy oil. The company’s tools and analysis capabilities accurately define, measure and interpret the variables clients need to make decisions about the future of their assets.

With instrumentation and data reporting, the company offers boss gauges, Cobra V probes and electronic descaling. Lonkar’s boss gauges utilize the latest in electronics technology, as their data acquisition electronics and Piezoresistive pressure sensors provide fast response to temperature transients and reliably that can withstand the harsh downhole environment.

Lonkar’s Cobra V probe is designed to be a user-friendly, technologically advanced downhole probe that can provide maximum data integrity and extended real-time data logging capabilities. As for electronic descaling, the company offers Cal-Ban, a device that treats water to prevent and remove hard scale. Manufactured by Watersol Inc. in Calgary, Cal-Ban can be used in a variety of settings where scaling is a problem, including cooling towers, boilers/steam generators, heat exchangers and hot water systems.

Another Lonkar product and service offering, cased hole logging and perforating, includes tracked vehicles, mast units, combination units, miniature bridge plugs and tubing WR plugs. Finally, Lonkar’s pipe recovery tools and services include tubing and casing cutters, which are available with a wide range of capabilities and options.

Whatever the client need, Lonkar is committed to finding innovative solutions for the technical or logistical problems facing its clients. The company has been able to build a tea, professionals with the expertise and technological savvy to make this possible. That is because Lonkar believes the strength of the company is its people.

Lonkar’s active recruiting of high quality employees and provision of training has allowed it to build a team of passionate employees who thrive on challenges and difficult environments while remaining dedicated to safety and customer service. The company also provides for the welfare and health of the employees and shareholders in the company, and it provides support to its employees in their efforts to be involved in community activities and projects.

In the years to come, Lonkar is sure to remain committed to quality customer service and technological advancement. The company will look to continue to be a leader in the wireline industry and advance its overall expertise, as well as its commitment to safety and environmental issues.