Major natural gas expansion project set for Persian Gulf 

Italian multinational, De Nora, wins contract for major offshore natural gas expansion project in the Persian Gulf 

De Nora, an Italian multinational company specializing in electrochemical technologies, has partnered with SAIPEM through its subsidiary, Servizi Energia Italia. Together, they have won a contract for a at a major natural gas production project in the Persian Gulf. 

Specifically, the contract will provide on-site hypochlorite generation technology for biofouling control at the offshore compression complex. 

The project aims to increase liquified natural gas (LNG) production by 43 percent once completed in 2024. It will include two SEACLOR seawater electrochlorination (SWEC) systems, reportedly providing reliable water treatment without the addition of hazardous chemicals. 

De Nora is said to have delivered more than 1200 seawater installations in 60 countries. Its ability to meet technical and safety requirements specified in the bidding process qualify De Nora’s technology for the project. 

The order covers the supply of two SEACLOR electrochlorination systems, each able to produce 32 kilograms of chlorine per hour. These will equip two compression platforms supplied by SAIPEM.  

The SEACLOR systems will produce sodium hypochlorite from seawater using an electric current applied to the De Nora DSA electrodes. The technology continuously injects hypochlorite into water streams, ensuring biofouling control and avoiding the handling and storage of chemicals.