Mansfield Crane Service

Mansfield Crane Service has been providing safe and reliable crane service in Pennsylvania and New York since 1998. “Our customers notice the quality of our craftsmanship,” owner Trapper Wyman says. “We don’t just do a job. We do the best job.”

Mansfield Crane Service does not simply rent cranes. It also provides the skilled and experienced workers required to operate the equipment. As cranes have become more computerized and complex over the years, operating the massive machines also has become more difficult, Wyman says.

“You can’t just rent a crane; you need someone to operate them, too. It takes a really skilled person to understand them,” Wyman says.

“It is not just a simple machine. It takes a lot of experience and training.”

It is providing those knowledgeable crane operators and support personnel that separates Mansfield Crane Service from its competitors, Wyman says. Mansfield Crane Service operators are dependable and mature, he says. In any situation, there will be “a lot of variables for them to deal with onsite so our people have the ability to think outside the box,” Wyman explains.

Safety First
Crane operations can be a dangerous business so Mansfield Crane Service puts safety at the forefront. “A lot of companies have safety programs they just add on,” Wyman declares. “We take it not as something to just add on – it is how we do business. For us, safety is integrated into everything we do. All of our processes are broke down and the safety aspect is incorporated into each step.”

Safety is at the forefront for Mansfield Crane Service for new job intake, in matching crane models for jobs, conducting operations and after-action reports.

Safety starts with National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) qualifications, Pennsylvania and New York state licensing of operators, and continues with site inspection of client worksites, planning and proper execution of lift procedures, the company says.

More Energy
After Wyman started the company with his father, Edward Wyman, Mansfield Crane Service first focused on industrial and infrastructure clients. Since 2000, the company has had more natural gas energy customers in the Marcellus Shale such as Royal Dutch Shell, Southwestern Energy Co., Chevron Corp. and Dominion.

These energy companies provide less advance notice than other customers so Mansfield Crane Service is on-call 24/7, while still providing the same amount of planning but with a much faster time response.

When deploying a crane to a work site, the company must determine the best route for the crane and its escort vehicle for maximum safety in conjunction with state and local oversized-load regulations.

It starts planning the journey process by determining directions, hazards, filling out emergency response paperwork and locating the closest medical sites before driving the cranes to work sites. In Pennsylvania and New York, state law determines the cranes should be driven to the sites during daytime hours for maximum visibility. Other state oversize load laws call for nighttime driving since there is less traffic at that time.

With everything planned out in advance, cranes are strategically selected based upon their lift capacity for the job. This includes both maximum weight limits and reaches.

Mansfield Crane Service does thousands of jobs, so it is continuously investing in equipment, rigging and cranes, maintenance and in improving its top-notch safety processes.

It provides cost-effective lifting, rigging and transport of customers’ needs. Mansfield Crane Service takes a great deal of pride in completing heavy or high lifts that require a unique conceptualization before performing a job. It is a crane service that understands the relationship between physical dynamics, engineering and the human connection involved with lifting any kind of load, the company says.

Mansfield Crane Service says it focuses on a “local before global” approach to business and believes in maintaining long-term relationships with customers in the nature of friendships.