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Oil exploration started in Nigeria over six decades years ago. Since that time home grown experience has been gradually developed but without a particular focus on the development of a career or the aggregation of professional expertise.

As a result, expertise in the oil and gas sector has only resided within different operating companies, consequently, staff shortages at peak periods were catered for by importing expertise from outside Nigeria.

This process has caused Nigerian engineers, who have acquired the relevant experience, to retire and or move into other non-related businesses due to lack of focus and want of employment. From time to time therefore, when expertise becomes short, it is sought from other parts of the world and consequently the local Nigerian expertise has never been fully utilised or developed.

Concern about this state of affairs was unanimously shared by a group of Nigerian professional well engineers who collectively took the decision to take action. This resulted in the birth of Matpatson Petroleum Services Limited (MPS) in the year 2002.

Matpatson is determined to maintain, ensure and sustain a continued development and availability of indigenous expertise in Nigeria for the oil and gas industry. In order to meet this objective, the company has focused initially on specific areas within the oil and gas business sector – particularly drilling/completion engineering and production engineering, while developing a strategy to expand its scope to HSE related competencies.

The company’s present structure is made up of 51 staff incorporated into teams, with team leaders taking charge of the following areas:

  • Well delivery project management
  • Production technology/engineering operations supervision
  • Manpower development (learning and development, with special emphasis on well engineering and production)
  • Procurement of well engineering equipment and logistics support

MPS’ well engineering consultancy division has been put together by the careful sourcing, screening and grooming of experienced and competent well engineering personnel, who are capable of executing a drilling project as a team and able to undertake individual well engineering activity. The organisation has a group of well engineers with global experience in the oil and gas industry ranging from 15 to 35 years. This experience covers a wide range of oil and gas activities on land, swamp and offshore, including but not limited to drilling and well completions, workover and well completions, production operations, and production technology. These personnel are highly skilled in the use of different tools applied in the industry and consequently, Matpatson Petroleum Services is fully resourced to support a wide variety of services in the oil and gas industry.

MPS’ experts can assist with advice on well engineering projects, including equipment selection, identification and evaluation. In addition, its scope of work covers all well and production engineering software applications for well design such as string/casing design, deviation, hydraulics and integrated reservoir modelling, and the detailed responsibilities of the technical support engineers.

The business can also assist with procurement, transport and logistics support for the E&P company. Its Logistics and Procurement section has in stock all the necessary equipment required by E&P companies to achieve a successful operation. Furthermore, MPS’ trucking/haulage section is in place to provide timely transportation and logistics services. MPS’ drivers are well trained with HSE backgrounds and have a vast knowledge of their roots of operation.

The procurement section maintains a very good networking capability, which enhances its timely delivery of any oilfield equipment to its clients. Its performance has been rated above average and has helped to develop a lasting business relationship with E&P clients.

After a decade in business, Matpatson now recognises that the business knowledge it has accrued empowers the company to perform its roles efficiently, its experience makes it much easier to solve issues, and its multi-skill configuration enhances good chemistry. This provides the power that will sustain the company to continue to provide excellent, professional and competitive services to its clients now and in the future.

The clients mentioned above partake in a variety of services from Matpatson, and the company’s client list illustrates the high profile blue-chip organisations that are happy to take advantage of its expertise. The list includes: Ciscon, SWOSCO, Oil Test, Niger Delta Petroleum Resources Limited, Baker Hughes, MI Drilling Fluids, Ana Industries, BJ Services and Halliburton Energy Services.

One of the cornerstones of MPS’ operation is its commitment to providing excellent, efficient and commercially competitive services to these clients, while remaining focused on the continuous development of its capacity for the achievement of its vision.

The company’s vision states Matpatson’s ambitious aims: ‘To become a leading resource for highly competent, technically sound and experienced operational well engineering personnel to support the oil and gas industry in Nigeria and the West African sub region.’

Matpatson Petroleum Services
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