McCutcheon Enterprises Inc.

Even after winning a prestigious Oil & Gas Award this past March as the northeast region’s drilling and well services company of the year, McCutcheon Enterprises Inc. (MEI) remains humble and loyal to its workforce. President Calvin McCutcheon believes his employees are the only reason it continues to thrive more than 60 years after its founding.

“When clients ask me what sets us apart, I never hesitate to respond: our people,” McCutcheon says. “Our people are some of the highest-trained, most professional employees in the business, and that makes all the difference.”

MEI has provided complete waste management solutions since it was founded by Olen and Thelma McCutcheon in 1947. The company began with one employee and one truck to transport waste from the steel mill where Olen worked, and to pump out septic tanks.

Calvin McCutcheon joined the family business as a youngster, accompanying his father on various jobs and learning about the industry at a grassroots level. In 1979, he became a partner, and they began transporting hazardous wastes while primarily providing waste transportation and disposal solutions.

In the late ’80s, Calvin took over as president and led MEI’s expansion into industrial cleaning, wastewater services, permitting and construction of the company’s biosolids treatment facility, all while overseeing the company’s rapid growth in workforce and equipment. The treatment facility opened in 2000.

Today, MEI provides complete waste management solutions to a diversified list of clients in the energy, industrial, residential and municipal sectors. Its top revenue-generating capabilities include emergency response, waste transportation, confined space entry and rescue, waste treatment, high-flow vacuum transfer and hydro cleaning solutions. The company serves clients in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, New York, West Virginia and Maryland with 110 employees and more than 80 power units.

“MEI’s highly trained professionals and fleet of specialized equipment make our capabilities limitless in providing top-quality, one-stop, complete waste management solutions to our clients,” Calvin McCutcheon says. “We are always looking for the solution that best enables MEI and our clients to be protecting our environment for tomorrow’s generations. We abide by a simple philosophy: when you need us, we’ll be there.”

Constant Innovation
McCutcheon says MEI constantly adapts its processes, equipment and technology to keep pace with industry trends and cater to its clients’ needs. For instance, the company has adapted its fleet using customized equipment and vehicles that perform a job which previously required a team of three employees, two trucks, and a vacuum rolloff box. This job can now be completed with one employee, and one truck.

McCutcheon is particularly proud of MEI’s new waste reduction process. He describes the process as a “win, win, win” scenario – the environment wins twice with the separation of the liquids from the solids as well as through the reuse of the liquids from oil and gas clients, protecting nearby water. The third win is for the client, who receives a cost-effective green solution for waste treatment and disposal.

“Having the best people leads to achieving the highest-quality performance, which enables MEI to progress forward as an industry leader,” McCutcheon says.

“People, performance, progress, it is the MEI way, he continues. “MEI is constantly adapting our processes, equipment and technology to the trends of our industry and the needs of our clients. That is how we set the bar for our industry – by customizing equipment to better serve our clients.”