Milestone in relationship

Frames has fabricated two enormous Electrostatic Coalescers for the Shaybah Oil Field GOSP 4 CPF Expansion (Gas/Oil Separation Plant) in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco’s most remote oil field. In 2014 Frames was awarded the design and supply of the vessels by Samsung Engineering, the Korean EPC contractor.

The Electrostatic Coalescers, also known as Dehydrators / Desalters will be used to dehydrate and desalt an additional 250,000 barrels of oil per day at the Shaybah Field and are therefore huge in size; 49 metres long and 4.3 metres in diameter.

The internals are fabricated in-house in The Netherlands, while the fabrication of the vessels was subcontracted to Frames’ local strategic partner MIS Arabia, a renowned fabricator in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. From this fabrication shop the vessels are transported to the Shaybah Oil Field, which is a journey of more than 800 km through the dessert.

Frames is a known supplier to Saudi Aramco, mostly due to its drive to help clients find solutions for their process challenges. With depleting reservoirs, more water needs to be injected in (oil) fields to maintain pressure and continue production. This will change the composition of the well stream and requires advanced solutions to ensure efficient separation. Frames is familiar with Saudi Aramco’s challenges and has been providing debottlenecking support through engineering studies, CFD analyses and process equipment for many years.

Issue 124 September 2015