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Established in 1948, ms Neumann Elektronik GmbH is a privately-owned, medium-sized enterprise with international subsidiaries and close working relationships with reliable partner companies.

As a system house ms Neumann Elektronik is one of the leading suppliers worldwide for high-quality solutions in information and safety, public address (PA), acoustic and video, and its modular products are used wherever high safety standards are needed. The company offers an extensive portfolio of fully automatic, digital public address (PA) systems, information and emergency call systems, ranging from plant alarm systems to complete management systems for process automation, which can be found in a wide range of industrial settings as well as the rail and public transport sectors. Moreover, the information and safety systems developed and produced by ms Neumann Elektronik are available in a range of sizes for a variety of applications, and for critical zones and harsh environments.

Three of the technically demanding sectors in which ms Neumann Elektronik’s special information and safety systems are being put to good use are the oil, gas and coal mining industries. For decades, customers all over the world have come to trust these systems, which are able to provide comprehensive emergency and danger-alert management even at the most remote places, such as offshore oil rigs or pipelines.

To span the distances between the work sites and the control centre, which are often quite significant, radio and satellite technologies are often used. All terminal equipment is designed for use in environments where there is the danger of explosion, and it is made to be highly reliable.

Indeed, one of the main benefits of the systems manufactured by ms Neumann Elektronik for use in the oil and gas sector is their reliability. This applies to its high-performance systems for large area coverage with high-powered PA and visual signalling, systems for high-quality voice communication in areas with danger of explosion, and efficient monitoring and surveillance systems.

The company has built up an extensive client portfolio over the 65 years it has been operating, and its references for oil and gas projects includes blue-chip companies from a diverse range of locations, including AGIP Gas, Libya; Oil Platform Zirku-Island, Zakum Development Company/Abu Dhabi National Oil Cooperation (oil-producing company), UAE; CPCL Refinery, Chennai, India; PKN Orlen Olefine, Poland; Bharat Petroleum, India; and Oil Refinery ‘Reliance’, Jamnagar, India. It also works with a range of sophisticated and modern suppliers, such as Telecom Systems.

One of its flagship projects in the oil and gas sector was with BP, on a modern and innovative IP-based factory-wide alarm system. This called for a comprehensive solution for evacuations with a central fire brigade alarm call station, and combined five decentralised DS-6 subsystems into the overall system TIMM. The individual DS-6 systems are calibrated especially for evacuation systems in accordance with the standards VDE 0828 and EN 60849. Of greatest importance, the system’s crucial safety-relevant feature lies in the fact that its self-sufficient subsystems automatically take over all functions for their relevant alarm zones in case the higher-level network breaks down.

Another important development for the company occurred early in 2012, when it announced that it had been chosen to deliver the innovative IP-based DS-6 system for sound, intercom and alarm on behalf of the Group ‘Turkmengaz’. The gas field, South Yoloten, is located in the south eastern part of Turkmenistan near the border with Iran and Afghanistan. The area spreads about 3000 km², and as such it is rated as the second largest gas field in the world. In this high explosive area safety plays an important role, and ms Neumann’s modern IP-based DS-6 systems are designed redundantly in five different places because of their reliability. The deciding factors for the award of the contract to ms Neumann Elektronik have been highlighted as its customised system solutions, the high functionality and quality of its facilities and the general competitiveness of its products and services.

As well as manufacturing and supplying state-of-the-art systems, the company is also able to support customers through the whole process of buying a system, starting with the analysis of their current situation, through consultation, documentation, up to implementation and continuing into the maintenance of an individual application. In order to ensure optimal, trouble-free operation of a system, it also offers clients a comprehensive service and support portfolio.

As an internationally successful supplier of solutions, ms Neumann Elektronik has created a name that is recognised the world over and is highly regarded for its combination of traditional strengths and innovative excellence. Over the course of its history, it has grown from a small business into a successful enterprise thanks to a dedication to innovation, a culture of hard work and a resolve to grow its presence worldwide. Going forwards, it has even more expansion plans, with visions for Brazil, Africa, South Korea and Japan over the next two years, as well as continuing to support its local partner in the Russian oil and gas sector. If the company applies its usual determination to these new ventures, there seems little doubt that it will continue to see more growth well into the future.

ms Neumann Elektronik
Services: Information and safety, PA, acoustic and video solutions