National Pump Co.

National Pump Co. is taking advantage of the distribution and manufacturing capabilities of its holding company to expand its footprint worldwide.

The Glendale, Ariz.-based company’s acquisition in 2010 by international manufacturer Gorman-Rupp Co. greatly increased the company’s growth potential and secured its future, says President Roger Jeschke, one of the company’s former owners.

“When we sold the business, we did it with the thought that it would be able to carry on within a larger organization,” Jeschke says. “We can now utilize Gorman-Rupp’s distribution network and enter new markets – this gives us a broader scope. We’re also able to utilize their expertise and distribution in certain areas where we haven’t been able to penetrate previously.”

National Pump Co., founded in 1969, designs and manufactures vertical line shaft turbine and submersible pumps for the municipal, mining, power generation, oil and gas, hydrocarbon processing and agriculture markets.

The company designs individual pumping systems to meet the specific needs of its customers. Systems feature drivers, discharge heads, impellers, bowls and columns and shaft assemblies designed to deliver consistent pumping capacity. Pumps are offered in a range of sizes from a 4-inch diameter pump capable of pumping five gallons per minute to a 30-inch pump that can handle 20,000 gallons per minute, Jeschke says.

In addition to its base in Glendale, National Pump operates complete service, warehouse, assembly and finishing center locations in Fresno, Calif.; Zolfo Springs, Fla.; Vienna, Ga.; Olive Branch, Miss.; and Lubbock, Texas. These locations allow it to serve customers in the largest agricultural areas in the United States in a timely manner. The company also distributes throughout the country, Jeschke adds.

“All service centers have complete machine shop capabilities to build each pump to customer specifications, to make adaptations to other brands or to customize each individual pumping system to fit customers’ needs,” the company says. “Each National Pump produced is an individual pumping system designed to do a specific job.”

In addition to its domestic distribution, National Pump exports into portions of Canada, Mexico, South America, Asia and the Middle East.

From Gorman-Rupp Co.’s perspective, the acquisition of National Pump gave it the ability to add to its product line. The company’s pump models include self-priming centrifugal, standard centrifugal, submersible, rotary gear, diaphragm, engine-driven and priming assist pumps as well as packaged pump stations.

“We’re in the same markets but selling different styles of pumps,” Jeschke says. “They have strengths in certain areas, as do we, so it’s a good marriage.”

While National Pump’s ownership gives it the ability to enter new markets and greatly increase its distribution, its focus remains on perfecting its product. “I think one thing we sell to our distribution customers is that we’re still a vertical turbine pump company and don’t have a lot of other things going on,” Jeschke says.

The company’s diversity across several sectors has ensured its fiscal health, even during the recession. While some markets including municipal and residential developments have decreased in volume, others including oil, gas, mining and agriculture remained strong. “The main areas we’re in have not been heavily affected by the economy,” he adds. “We’re in a very large market area.”

Doing the Job
National Pump’s products can also be used in the oil and gas markets to move hydrocarbons and oil through pipe­lines. The company is an emerging provider of vertical API-610-compliant type VS-6 and VS-1 pumps to customers on five continents.

“Our pumps have gained recognition in the market for their compliance to the American Petroleum Institute [API] standard without the characteristic long lead times and premium prices,” the company says.

“Our pumps get the job done reliably, safely and with as many of the decision features as desired by the end-user,” the company continues.

In addition to meeting API standards, National Pump also recently attained ISO 9000 certification.

Products are tested in the company’s newly expanded Glendale test facility, which includes a state-of-the-art engineering test lab capable of handling test water flows of up to 14,000 gallons per minute. Equipment set-up and movement is performed by an overhead crane with lift capabilities of up to five tons, and flow is controlled via motorized gate valves. Air release lines are used to ensure all air is evacuated from the system during testing.

’Delivering More’
National Pump’s testing and manufacturing process is led by an experienced staff that follows the company’s mission to “Deliver More” and create both quality pump systems and satisfied customers. “National Pump’s vision is to be a respected leader and customer-focused solutions provider in pumping technology serving the municipal, power generation, oil and gas, hydrocarbon processing, agriculture and general industrial markets,” the company says.

The company provides extensive technical training to its employees and teams with local universities and technical schools to offer apprenticeship programs. Staff members also are active in a number of industry associations including the Hydraulic Institute.

Established in 1917, the Hydraulic Institute is the largest association of pump industry manufacturers in North America and offers members a forum for exchanging information. In addition to standards development, the institute offers services including networking, statistical and economic data, educational materials and other services to its members. The Institute, which includes manufacturers as well as engineering contractors and suppliers, authors industry pump standards.

National Pump also holds memberships with the National Groundwater Association, the Water Environment Federation, the American Water Works Association, the American Petroleum Institute, Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, the American Ground Water Trust and the Irrigation Association. The company maintains a presence at a number of tradeshows including the upcoming South Atlantic Well Drillers Jubilee, the Rural Water Association of Arizona show and ExpoMina Peru 2012 later this year.

“From principals and engineers to sales and service personnel, our key staff members have more than two centuries of combined industry experience,” the company says. “At every stage of our work, from research and development to design, production and testing, we use up-to-the-minute technologies and the most modern equipment available to ensure that every National Pump meets the highest possible standards of efficiency and reliability.” EMI