New decommissioning service

Intertek has launched a new set of oil and gas decommissioning services to help manage costs and asset inventory. As Raymond Pirie, vice president of exploration and production explained: “We have many years experience of asset inventory and asset integrity planning so bringing all our experience together in a complete solution for managing decommissioning is a natural progression for the business.”

Intertek will complete and manage the applications and permits associated with decommissioning projects for regulators and stakeholders. It will also utilise the expertise of its labs in waste analysis to provide waste characterisation and ensure that pipelines are safe to prepare for removal. Once equipment has been decommissioned and repurposed, Intertek can then recertify it to ensure it is ready to reuse – the final step in the circular economy approach.

To assist with managing inventory and data for each asset, Intertek is using its GeoAIMS (Geographical Asset and Information Management System), a web-based application which allows users to interact, query and retrieve data from the database without needing GIS software. Raymond added: “We can also provide training and manage the change for the people involved. The offshore environment is different for an asset in the decommissioning stage to one in production and we can help people to recognise that and develop the right culture.”

Issue 121 June 2015