New service launched

Finnish energy provider Vaasan Sähkö Oy is the second customer to sign up for Utilytics, a new analytics service for the energy market delivered by Enoro. This contract follows quickly the first Utilytics contract made in December by the Finnish energy corporation Loiste Group. Vaasan Sähkö Oy plans to use the energy data analysis for empowering the entire sales team.

Utilytics was introduced in response to the intensively competitive energy market. A more diverse group of emission conscious consumers demand more choice and information. Utilytics uses big data to create insights from energy consumer behavior aiming to increase the competitive edge of energy utilities.

“Our main reason for subscribing to Utilytics is related to the timeliness and accuracy of data analysis. Furthermore, tight co-operation with the Utilytics team and incremental development of the service during the beta program were clear indications for us about Enoro’s commitment to develop the service in the long-term,” says Olli Arola, Business Unit Director at Vaasan Sähkö Oy.

“We are encouraged to see such quick uptake of the service,” says Anders H. Lier, President and CEO of Enoro. “Utilytics is an innovative solution focused on helping energy companies to compete in the market place. By providing energy consumer insights, profitability overviews and detecting new market opportunities, Utilytics brings more competitive edge into energy businesses.”