New systems launch

Archer Oiltools, the industry leader for smart and robust solutions in well integrity and performance, has launched a new product family Stronghold – a series of perforating, washing and cementing systems – to deliver safer, faster and more economic solutions for operators worldwide. The unique solution will generate significant cost and timesavings for operators while protecting the environment.

Hugo Idsøe, Vice President and Managing Director of Archer Oiltools, says: “The Stronghold systems provide a cost-efficient, flexible and reliable alternative to traditional methods in plug and abandonment, slot recovery and other challenges faced by operators in today’s environment.

“By eliminating the need for cutting, milling and pulling tubulars out of the well, Archer’s Stronghold systems deliver a step-change in effectiveness for barrier placement. The name Stronghold is synonymous to the core values that the one-trip systems bring – absolute protection and safety.”

The Stronghold systems were designed and developed by Archer’s engineers and technical specialists who have several years of experience developing innovative solutions to challenges faced by major operators globally.

Together with Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) products and new charge development, Archer’s Stronghold systems support the safe and efficient execution of operations.