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Nor Lines AS is one of the major transport operators along the Northern coastlines of Europe, combining the best in sea and land transport and logistics into an extensive and unique transport system.

With highly qualified personnel and a large fleet of both general cargo liner vessels and land transport equipment, the company strives to be the most effective, reliable and profitable partner for its customers in Norway and Northern Europe. Efficient information systems and service minded employees are the foundations for its success, and have seen the business recently increase its capacity along the Norwegian coast by 20 per cent.

The company is headquartered in Stavanger, Norway – one of the most important maritime hubs in the country – and has regional offices and terminals in Oslo, Fredrikstad, Larvik, Kristiansand, Tananger, Bergen, Alesund, Trondheim, Narvik, Tromso, and Bodo. From these sites Nor Lines offers a considerable transport service that is equivalent to more than 100,000 trucks per year, and makes regular services to Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Finland and the Baltic States. To offer the most flexible service possible along these routes, the company uses the Hurtigruten (the Norwegian Coastal express), which is a passenger and freight route that sails almost the entire length of Norway – from Bergen to Kirkenes and vice versa.

At present the Nor Lines fleet consists of 15 cargo vessels and 11 coastal express vessels, which make 600 arrivals in 70 ports each week. The fleet of 16 general cargo ships includes the Nordfjell, Nordvik, Nordvag, Nordvaer, Nordkyn, Tananger, Baltic Sea, Nordskott, Nordjarl, Karmsund, Sunnmore, Norland, Baltic Betina, and Mina, and operates along the Norwegian coast, Scandinavia, the North Sea and the Baltic region.

Together with carrying specialised, heavy and oversized loads, Nor Lines’ cargo capabilities include the transportation of frozen and refrigerated goods such as frozen fish, fresh fish, and everyday commodities. In this field, the combination of the company’s cargo fleet and the transportation capacity of the Hurtigruten, enable the flexible shipment of temperaturecontrolled products on a direct-to-door basis.

On each route the business uses its own refrigerated and frozen warehouse storage facilities for temporary storage, with its vessels calling at the sites as per customer request. In close co-operation with clients the company will provide the best possible solution, with options including sea transport direct door to door, combined sea and road transport, sea and container transport, and road transport.

Using two modern, well-equipped vessels, Nor Lines also operates Baltic Line – the company’s dedicated sea transport service between Norway and the Baltic. Operating scheduled services between Norway, Denmark and Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, Baltic Line uses two ships with side-door loading capability – a feature that provides the most effective and careful handling of palletised cargo, and enables the safe transportation of break-bulk cargo, containers, oversized structures and heavy loads.

In order to retain its competitive edge in the market, and improve the service to its customers Nor Lines regularly invests in new vessels and equipment. Most recently the company introduced two new vessels – the Nordvik and Nordvag – to enhance its existing route between the port of Hirtshals and the Norwegian coast. The two new ships each have a total capacity of 2000 pallet spaces, and will provide a direct service between Hirtshals and 24 ports along the coast of Norway. By adding two new vessels along this route the company hopes to considerably enhance the sailing frequency for its customers, and to offer more direct calls to ports in Norway. In turn, this will enable significantly shorter transportation times for cargo, and will reinforce Nor Lines’ position as one of the largest freight operators in northern Europe.

Aside from standard shipping services, Nor Lines provides a range of specialised solutions associated with logistics and transportation. For example, the company has considerable expertise in the safe movement of dangerous goods, including materials that can only be transported in accordance with ADR and the IMDG code. Additionally, the company rents out its warehouse facilities for clients’ individual storage needs, and offers a comprehensive calculation system and label and bill printing service.

As with any logistics company, Nor Lines uses the latest IT software and technology to maintain an efficient and effective service. Its computerbased management system monitors each stage of a logistics operation, from collection and storage, through to picking and final distribution to the customer. Furthermore, from the large majority of its terminals Nor Lines offers integrated 3PL solutions that include forwarding and customs clearance.

With such a dedication to providing a fast, effective and efficient transportation and logistics service, Nor Lines has fast achieved a reputation as one of Northern Europe’s leading logistics businesses. The company’s forward thinking strategy and continual investment in new equipment and services will mean that for the coming years, Nor Lines will be riding on the crest of a wave.

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