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Boasting a lineage that spans five decades, Noremech specialises in marketing, manufacturing and assembling customer specific mechanical constructions.

The company, which has approximately 40 employees and is based in Undenas, Sweden offers services for all elements of production including welding, machining, component manufacturing, surface treatment and assembly. This total management of the manufacturing chain, as well a strong knowledge of both materials and technology, means Noremech is able to offer total mechanical solutions for a number of industries.

The company was established in 1964, operating as Undenas Mekaniska Verkstad AB. It originally specialised in hydro-energy products but gradually moved into the Swedish manufacturing sector. Its first steps into the oil and gas industry came in 1997 when work began on a small number of offshore components. Two year later, the name of the company was changed to Noremech AB after the acquisition of Gotlunda Mekaniska AB and Engstrom & Hessel AB.

The largest customer segment for Noremech has historically been the Swedish manufacturing industry. The majority of the work for the sector is focused on the machining of large constructions such as propeller blades, bearing housings and production machinery, which is complemented by the manufacturing and machining of smaller components. The expertise of the work is perhaps best illustrated by some of the highly distinguished companies that it can counts as customers, such as Rolls Royce Marine, Volvo Powertrain, Atlas Copco and Sandvik.

Work within the wind and hydropower sector has remained a constant throughout the history of Noremech. Liaising closely with a number of engineering firms, the highly skilled work involves the manufacturing and machining of complex components and, historically, turbine parts. Whilst the area currently makes up a small percentage of its total activity, the company believes that with a growing trend towards alternative energy and resources, the future will bring a number of exciting opportunities.

It is the oil and gas sector where the company has made the biggest strides in recent years. Having entered the market a little over a decade ago, Noremech has quickly built up the capability to manage the high demands of customers, both in terms of accuracy and durability. The last couple of years have been especially successful with the demand from the industry dramatically increasing, with orders for constructions based on underwater technology especially prominent. The quality and popularity of products – such as bend restrictors, clamp connectors, porches and both topside and subsea terminations – has also played a part in forging long-term relationships with the likes of Aker Kvaerner Subsea, GE Vetco Gray and Nexans.

All of the mechanical and administrative work is carried out at the company’s base in the town of Undenas. The welding workshop has a lifting capacity of ten tons. Also utilised are a large number of documented welding procedures for different kinds of material combinations, which are all in accordance with EN-287 regulations. Meanwhile the machining and surface treatment operations are performed in a further workshop with a lifting capacity of 20 tons. Recently the company has been certified to commence surface preparation and coating application in accordance with the Norwegian offshore code.

These workshops can be divided up into two departments depending on the size of the machined component. A number of CNCcontrolled lathes and cutters are used in the production of components, fixtures and tools of smaller dimensions. The second production department, which was formerly used to produce and renovate water turbines, has recently benefited from a large investment. The cash injection has seen the installation of a number of powerful pieces of modern technology, including machines for milling and turning, which stand alongside surface treatment equipment and vertical lathes.

The recent outlay supports Noremech’s commitment to a strong quality policy, which it believes is essential to ensuring both short and long-term loyalty from its customers and continued growth and prosperity. To demonstrate the point further, it has been working with the relevant documentation and quality assurance documents in accordance with both the ISO 9001 and the Norwegian offshore code for a number of years, with the latter requiring complete traceability on all components that are produced.

There can be no argument that such a guarantee for quality has more than aided Noremech in becoming an established and trusted name for those in the oil and gas industry. Further confirmation comes from the company’s recent induction into the Interlake oil and gas group. The organisation consists of five companies that present complementary specialities in manufacturing, material knowledge and design. Noremech will be joined by Kramers – a sub-contracting firm, Molltorp – a producer of grey and SG iron, UW-Elast – an expert in solid cast and spray polyurethane and Hermanders, which is a company renowned for metal spinning and deep drawing.

Looking forward, the future looks promising for Noremech. The company has shown that it has a place in what is becoming an increasingly lucrative oil and gas sector. If the organisation can combine that standing with further growth in its other areas of business, then there is every chance that the progress made in the last decade will be superceded by that of the next.

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