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North Sea Innovation A/S (NSI) is a complete supplier of electric and automation solutions to the maritime market and is recognised for its expertise in complex technical operations, and its extensive experience in demanding projects.

Since it was founded in 1992 the company has successfully implemented various on- and offshore projects on a worldwide basis.

Olav J.Nilsen, managing director of NSI group, gave more details about the organisation: “Our company activities are in three business areas – electrical and instrumentation, engineering and project management and maritime electronics. We are able to work with our clients around the world, and have accumulated extensive experience working in different countries over the years. We are currently working in Sweden, Poland, Jordan and the UK, but have worked in many more.”

NSI is a leading provider of electrical and instrumentation services and within this area the company focuses on electro installations, instrumentation and process control systems, as well as EX systems. Olav comments: “We are recognised in the industry for our work in relation to EX design and solutions. We’re currently building pressurised containers for use in areas of potential explosion exposure. We build many different types and classes, such as for control rooms, generators and pump units and for wire line operations and well services. The installations in this area require a special level of competency – NSI can provide experienced personnel who are familiar with the stringent legislative requirements.”

In the area of engineering and project management NSI offers turnkey services that utilise its extensive experience within the onshore and offshore markets. It performs project management and supervision in major projects as well as delivery of smaller multidiscipline contracts. It can perform installations and provide services within the areas of detailed engineering, shut down and modifications, planning and work preparation, mechanical completion and commissioning.

NSI has successfully completed project management work in various areas, such as process plants and energy recovery plants in Norway, Sweden, Germany and Austria.

NSI also designs, installs and services various types of navigation and communications systems locally and internationally. Olav gives an example: “NSI supplies the maritime industry with detailed engineering and installations for ship builds, modifications, completion and the testing of new vessels within generators, switchboards, control panels, instruments and communication monitoring systems. For shipbuilding we can design and install the whole electrical systems and equipment onboard – from the engine room through control rooms and up to the bridge, including the satellite communications, fish finding or radar system – we provide everything on a ship’s bridge.”

A major new development for the company came in February 2008, when it formed the technology group, Apply, together with Maritime Systems, Teknisk Bureau and Asator. The four companies are all strong players in their respective industries and the formation of the group means that they can offer a larger range of products, services and solutions. Apply is one of the largest companies in the electrical and instrumentation (E&I) industry in Norway and is set to be a prominent force working in the offshore and construction markets.

Olav comments on the areas in which the group works: “Apply employs around 1000 staff including engineers, some of whom specialise in drilling support systems and services, some who work in shipbuilding and offshore and some who work in the land based industry.” The size and broad area of expertise offered by Apply means it can compete for large technology projects within the petroleum and maritime industries, and also in the land-based industry and the construction market.”

Olav is confident that joining forces with the other three companies was a good move for NSI: “In joining the Apply group this year, we have extended our capacity. The group is very strong and growing rapidly and the owners have ambitions for the group in the future.” The Apply group is looking for high growth as Olav explains: “It will continue to develop through organic growth and acquisitions. NSI is actively seeking to increase the number of our engineers and technicians in the next two years. I would like to see NSI be an integrated part of Apply and would like to see Apply grow into one of the major competitors in the E&I industry in Norway.”

Looking to the future of the industry and his company, Olav is cautiously optimistic: “Of course, like many other companies, we depend on the continuation of the current high level of activity within the oil and gas industry, but there are many projects in Norway to be performed in the years to come and there are a lot of upgrades and maintenance to be carried out. The market and conditions for NSI are good and we’re feeling positive about the next two years for the oil and gas industry.”

He concluded: “NSI has nearly 20 years of recognised experience in this very demanding market, and we have a track record of high quality deliveries, and long established relationships with respected clients. I think that the future is looking promising.”

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