Lifting expectations

ODIM ABAS, based in Aukra, western Norway, designs and delivers special cranes and lifting systems to ships and offshore installations.

These include deck cranes, offshore cranes, cargo rail cranes, rescue cranes and active heave compensation (AHC) cranes. As the business’ customers are faced with bigger challenges, ODIM ABAS responds by developing new and inventive technologies to serve their needs and demands.

Significant experience and innovative thinking has made the company a natural partner for modern ship owners. ODIM ABAS cranes can be found on offshore, merchant and fishing vessels all around the world, and for more than half a century the business has built a reputation for quality, durability and safety. The company puts the reliability of its cranes and crew safety first by developing modern and safe equipment, which ensures work on deck is completed efficiently and safely during rough weather conditions.

ODIM ABAS’ deck cranes have been, and continue to be, long-standing and successful products. Whilst, the organisation’s AHC cranes can easily cope with changing technologies, such as the increasing demand to reach greater ocean depths in the oil and gas industry. The cranes are built specially to accept the loading and the corrosive atmosphere present in marine environments. With this in mind, all mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components used in the crane are selected on the basis of their strength and safety. Furthermore, the latest 3D design and FEM tools are used to achieve optimal results.

In 2007, the former ABAS Crane was acquired by ODIM – an international technology group, which develops and sells automated handling solutions. Together with the group’s unique CTCU technology and systems for demanding installation assignments in deep water, ODIM ABAS’ products will represent a complete package for customers in the deepwater market. The acquisition is therefore strategically significant for ODIM’s commitment to this fastexpanding sector.

Geir Larsen, managing director for ODIM ABAS comments: “This acquisition will really boost our sales as our cranes are now part of ODIM’s complete package. In addition, the group has a significant sales network with offices in countries around the world – the acquisition has therefore, increased our presence globally. We have already had many enquiries but we now need to increase our capacity to be able to deal with these.”

ODIM is a fast-expanding Norwegian technology company, which develops and sells advanced automated handling solutions, primarily cable handling systems and winches for use on offshore and naval vessels. The company occupies a leading position in selected market segments, such as seismic surveying and offshore supply. Through its subsidiaries in North America, the group is also solidly rooted in the defence sector. In addition to its established market segments, ODIM will be making a heavy commitment to the very promising deepwater market.

Geir continues: “ODIM ABAS will now be under the corporate ODIM umbrella and we will supply our products into their complete packages. However, clients can still come straight to us and order a crane and we will help them to develop the perfect solution for their applications.”

Looking to the future, ODIM has great ambitions for ODIM ABAS, which relate both to developing the company and its products, and to building further on the company’s specialist teams by expanding the workforce. One important objective for the acquisition is to launch a crane, which can increase the efficiency of deepwater marine operations. This development will provide ODIM with important capacity, and will immediately strengthen the company as a complete system supplier of aft deck solutions in various market segments.

ODIM ABAS dates back to 1950, and has become a familiar name in the shipbuilding and management market in Norway. The company has developed its strong reputation by focusing on three main factors – offering standard and tailor-made cranes and lifting equipment to meet its clients’ specific requirements; providing efficient delivery times and developing custommade projects. By doing this, ODIM ABAS has the experience to meet the expectations of any professional supplier.

To further compliment the business’ offering, personnel from the spare parts and service department, who are available on a 24-hour basis, are ready to take on calls from around the world for after-sales services, spare parts and repair and maintenance queries worldwide. In addition, the engineering department is staffed with experienced and highly trained personnel.

ODIM ABAS understands that ship owners have individual needs and often innovative solutions are required. Developing new crane concepts is therefore part of the company’s everyday activities. With this in mind, highly skilled engineers work in close co-operation with authorities, naval architects, shipbuilders and owners to develop the next innovative solution for the market.

Through its excellent product and service offering, ODIM ABAS has delivered more than 1000 cranes around the world. In 2007, the business signed its biggest contract ever to supply the production and storage ship – Aker Smart 1, with three advanced cranes. “This contract of nearly 50 million NOK is an important milestone in our company history. It is a giant step for us, at both a technological and project level,” Geir comments.

Through contracts like this, ODIM ABAS is continually increasing its expertise in the special cranes and lifting equipment area. Today, the company plans to build on its knowledge of the market to ensure the ODIM ABAS name remains strong for many years to come. This can be seen from the business’ website, as it states: “We know how much time, hard work, skill and creativity it takes to establish this kind of reputation, therefore we intend to keep it that way.”

Looking to the future, Geir concludes: “The offshore market is really good at the moment and it will continue to be so until 2012. Our main challenge is to ensure we constantly meet the changing needs of the market, and we believe the acquisition will help us to do this. Together with ODIM we want to become the main player in the subsea offshore crane business. The next few years will be very interesting for us, with regards to product and service developments. In fact, the future is so bright here, we have to wear shades!”


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