Offshore Inland–Marine & Oilfield Services Inc.

It takes more than one section of pipe to build an oil or gas pipeline, and likewise it takes more than one type of service to keep those resources flowing. While some companies only offer the oil and gas industry a narrow selection of services, Offshore Inland has made a name for itself by providing a broader spectrum of services than much of the competition. Patrick Webb, vice president of sales and marketing, says it is this depth of service that has made Offshore Inland one of the leaders in the marine, oilfield and industrial sectors.

“We provide engineering to construction where most companies only do one piece of that,” Webb says. “We are a one-stop shop, [providing] engineering and design, fabrication, testing, installation and commissioning.

“We can support all of these pieces,” Webb continues. “We also have a large traveling work force that can support emergency 24/7 projects all over the world where most do not have the skilled craftsmen available. We have offshore and onshore services, including international offshore and onshore projects.”

The company has been serving the industrial sector since its inception in 1983. During the company’s early years, its concentration was in hydraulic service and repair for industrial plants. However, Webb says, the company took notice of the dramatic growth in the oil and gas industry during the 1990s, and diversified its services.

“With an expanding footprint, Offshore Inland is positioned with deepwater dockside services and fabrication facilities, providing global services to customers with skilled, multi-craft installation and repair teams for small and large projects,” Webb says.

Full Capabilities
Offshore Inland completes more than 500 projects a year, according to Webb. The company is headquartered in Alabama, but also has locations in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Mexico, Spain and Cameroon. The company’s geographic diversity is mirrored in the depth of services the company offers.

In terms of oilfield capabilities, Offshore Inland can provide full drill rig upgrades, including flare booms and mud pump installations. The company also is capable of handling repairs and modifications on high-pressure piping systems, platforms and riser bays. Webb says Offshore Inland even has experience in performing living quarter extensions and modifications for offshore rigs.

The company’s marine capabilities include major upgrades, reactivations and conversions, as well as fabrication and installation of structural, piping, high-pressure piping, and handling systems. He adds that the company is a “shipyard at sea,” with a mobile shipyard for projects around the world.

Of course, Offshore Inland continues to service the industrial sector with full general contracting, structural steel fabrication, control systems repair and installation, as well as equipment fabrication and assembly, Webb says the company also provides the planning and execution of plant shutdowns as well as plant demobilizations and relocations.

Not only does Offshore Inland have the muscle to pull off projects like these, it also has the brainpower to help customers envision projects from the ground up. “Offshore Inland has provided technical support, design and fabrication for most of the major marine, drilling, subsea and seismic companies for over a decade,” Webb says. “We have built hundreds of simple to complex systems each year.”