Oiltech AS: Three Decades of Leading Heat Transfer and Energy Storage Solutions

Exceeding expectations

For over 30 years, Oiltech AS has been a leading supplier of heat transfer and energy storage products such as accumulators, oil coolers, pumps and filter units to the oil and gas and marine industries.

The company provides a comprehensive range of products and services and in all cases it guarantees cost effective, innovative and high-quality solutions, which are used in a variety of applications. These include temperature optimisation of fluids in hydraulic, lubricating and heat transfer systems; fluid energy control; hydraulic and lubricating systems and related accessories and technical support.

Established 33 years ago Oiltech, part of the Olaer Group, today employs 15 people in Norway – the small staff number at this office allows the Norwegian branch to act as a small company, working closely with customers, while being able to draw on the knowledge and expertise of the 450 people working worldwide in the Olaer Group and in the Oiltech offices in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Poland.

Managing director of Oiltech in Norway, Erik Ulevik explains why he thinks his employees are one of the company’s key strengths: “Many of our staff have been working here for a long time, so we know what we’re doing. Their qualifications are outstanding and many of them have an extensive technical background; we have people who have been working in the market for years, who have travelled around the world providing professional services, so when the customer has a specific requirement we know what they’re looking for and can deliver it to them.”

The company’s expertise and understanding of what the customer wants has been achieved through many years of close co-operation with clients from all around the world. Oiltech caters for customers’ individual requirements when they cannot be met with a standard product, if this is the case, the company will customise its products, to meet certain needs and achieve optimal performance and function. Erik comments: “We develop and assemble many of our products here, so we can implement specific requirements and deliver the products quickly to customers. The production in itself is completed in countries all over the world. The will to serve and the ability to deliver what the customer wants are two of our biggest strengths.”

The company believes in consistently delivering high standards of quality, continuing innovation and has a strong commitment to providing outstanding customer service and satisfaction, which will guarantee a long-term relationship with its customers. Oiltech ensures it can maintain its high standards by focusing on R&D, specifically relating to health, safety and environmental (HSE) issues. Erik comments: “Our customers often have very specific requirements not only in terms of performance and function but also in terms of health and safety regulations. They are working in some very dangerous situations and so we take health and safety issues extremely seriously.” The company has a goal to continuously improve product quality, development methods and routines, and is also certified in accordance to ISO 9001-2000. Ultimately, Oiltech aspires to always, at the very least, meet specifications and customers’ needs.

Talking about recent endeavours Erik comments: “Oiltech recently worked on a project with Advanced Production and Loading (APL), to supply accumulator racks, which hold large accumulators that are around four metres long. They are individually built and fitted into the frame. It’s one of the biggest projects we’ve worked on.” The company is also planning to attend the upcoming ONS exhibition in Stavanger, so Erik outlines how he believes this will benefit the business: “It’s a marketplace where we can meet customers and suppliers at the same time. It’s a great opportunity to meet our customers and show our new products; this year we’re showing a brand new cooler, which is a shell and tube cooler in plastics with an octagonal profile that was developed at our sister company in Korea. Its lightweight design, which is low in cost and provides higher coal efficiency, has been nominated as one of ONS’ innovator products.”

In terms of the future of the industry, Erik is confident there will be plenty of opportunities for the company: “There’s a lot to do. A few years ago, the company that could supply you got the order, but these days the big companies, our

customers, have caught up with the enormous increase in the market and that’s good news for us. Customers have higher demands in terms of quality now, in the future the company that can supply high quality products will be the most successful.” Oiltech has definite plans in place for the coming years: “We’ll do more work with our customers; we want to be able to offer services that they don’t have the time to do, so we’ll be offering more system building without competing with them,” Erik explains.

In the longer term, Erik is optimistic about the future of the company; he outlines Oiltech’s future goals: “We want to work more closely with service companies, suppliers and our employees to provide the stability our customers are looking for. We have been exceeding their expectations and providing high quality products and services for the past 33 years and we will aim to do this for the next 33 years.”

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