On the wall

Ruukki Construction launched the new Ruukki on-wall solar system at London Build, where the company presented Energy Efficient Building Envelope CPD as part of the workshop programme.

Ruukki On-wall solar is a cost effective add-on system to accentuate large façade surfaces with discretely detailed photovoltaic (PV) fields. It is especially suited to new and existing buildings such as retail, industrial, warehouse and logistics facilities.

The system is based on crystal silicon panels, which convert solar radiation directly into electricity. Electricity is gathered via cables behind the panels and it is transmitted to an inverter that converts the electricity into alternating current (AC). As the system is not dependent on solar heating, it can produce electricity in conditions where there is no direct solar radiation, for example in cloudy or foggy weather.

“The On-Wall solar system is particularly well suited to taller buildings where there is a larger relative surface area of walls than roof, or where a roof area is occupied by plant equipment. The On-wall system can be retro-fitted to an existing façade, or included as part of a new build; representing a clear commitment on behalf of the building owner to generate renewable energy as part of the overall building energy strategy,” says Gareth Ellison, Country Manager, UK.

Issue 123 August 2015