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With over 30 years of industry experience within the marine, onshore and offshore markets, Osiris Marine Services Ltd. has built a formidable reputation as a leading marine services company.

The company was founded in 1996 by managing director, Aiden West and later became part of the James Fisher and Sons plc group during March 2013. Today Aiden continues to manage the business, which provides total engineering solutions to environments that are traditionally difficult to access. Whether work is required at underwater locations, at height or within a confined space, Osiris has the experienced personnel and specialist equipment required to provide cost-effective and a safely executed solutions for both onshore and offshore applications. Furthermore, its position as part of James Fisher enables Osiris to harness wider expertise and resources from around the group, ensuring that it is able to continuously deliver innovative engineering solutions and a constant level of excellent service.

Osiris supplies an array of engineering services to clients within the nuclear, inshore civil engineering, renewables and oil and gas sectors. With its technical expertise and ability to respond quickly, safely and successfully to a wide range of operational requirements the company is trusted industry-wide to deliver. The high level of trust invested in Osiris by its clients was further highlighted when it was announced by the company in January 2015 that it had been awarded contract member status of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) diving division. The core purpose of the IMCA is to improve performance within the marine contracting industry. Through a rigorously audited approach to membership requirements throughout a range of operational divisions, the IMCA aims to champion better regulation and enhance the operational integrity of marine contracting.

“The IMCA is an essential trade association within the diving and ROV industry as it promotes good practice and contracting members must demonstrate their capability to operate at an industry wide benchmark,” Aiden explains. “The achievement of securing IMCA diving division membership, which follows within a year of securing our remote systems and ROV division membership, underscores our commitment to working to the highest standards in this safety-critical environment.”

Osiris has a reputation of championing the application of the latest, most efficient and safest diving methods and technologies in its operations for customers. It has worked hard towards IMCA member status and its success in the most important areas of its business gives its customers confidence that Osiris embraces excellent working practices as well as innovative solutions for safe subsea operations. “IMCA membership is increasingly seen by customers in the oil and gas and offshore marine renewables sectors as representing the vital benchmark of acceptable operations for subcontractors,” Aidensays. “The company’s IMCA diving division membership builds upon the success already achieved in the remote systems and ROV division and represents a significant commitmentto delivering the same high-quality, tailored service that Osiris customers expect.”

Through the provision of diving and ROV operations, bespoke design services incorporating fabrication, manufacturing and installation as well as operational support ranging from inspection, surveying and repairs through to demolition services, Osiris provides a turnkey suite of effective solutions in challenging environments. Notably, the company’s ROV fleet has world-class capabilities for all subsurface activities including inspections, surveys, cable tracking and other applications.

This was further highlighted during January 2015 when Osiris announced that it successfully passed a demanding BP global diving safety management systems audit that awarded the company approved supplier status, enabling it to carry out surface supplied air and nitrox diving and ROV services within UK and European waters in upstream and downstream projects. Commenting on the success of the audit Aiden comments: “Safety is paramount in the diving industry, but to be able to dive in the North Sea with a company such as BP demonstrates the levels of competency we are operating to. To have passed this audit is something that we are both excited about and proud of as the commitment demonstrated by the team here at Osiris has been exceptional.”

Osiris was able to demonstrate its multicapacity service during December 2014 when it provided an integrated solution for maintenance and inspection at EDF’s Sizewell B nuclear power plant. The work was carried out during a scheduled maintenance outage, which takes place every 18 months and required diving and ROV capabilities to complete the operation within a narrow time scale. The scope of work required during the project varied from routine inshore air diving inspection work relating to the cooling water intake heads to the maintenance and cleaning of the drum screen and chambers, which filter sea water used on the main turbine condensers and reactor ancillaries. The work took place with a potentially dangerous environment, but through the use of appropriate mitigation measures, Osiris was able to deliver a safe and compliant solution. Indeed as an example of the expertise that Osiris is able to deliver, the operation is an excellent case study in the integrated service the company provides, as Aiden concludes: “Diving within itself can be dangerous when incorrect preparation takes place, but when the dive site is inherently more dangerous than normal circumstances, co-operation by all parties involved is paramount to make sure a routine piece of inspection work is carried out as safely and successfully as possible. With the team we have and the effort from the staff at EDF Sizewell B, we were able to achieve that.”

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