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OT INDUSTRIES is a Hungarian company group implementing complex industrial investment EPC projects as a general contractor. EPC (Engineering – Procurement – Construction) activity is supported by high level project management skills. However, the company also undertakes and contracts so-called ‘single-business’ works, meaning engineering, or production, or construction – depending what is in the focus of the project.

OT 146 bEPC project implementation covers preparation, engineering, procurement, authority engineering, production, erection, construction site management start-up and project management, thus turnkey project implementation.

Engineering – OT INDUSTRIES Engineering Co. Ltd.
The competencies and capacity of OT INDUSTRIES embraces 12 fields of expertise and its state-of-the-art IT toolbox enables the company to provide complex engineering services. The engineering branch of OT INDUSTRIES has gained a lot of experience in the petrochemical, oil and gas industrial facilities in the CE region over its 50-year history.

Main activities and products:

  • Feasibility studies and conceptual design
  • Basic design, FEED documentations
  • Authority engineering documents and detail design. Expert activities and licensing
  • Nuclear consulting, engineering and general contracting
  • Application of complex engineering systems, including 3D modelling and technological process modelling
  • Support of project implementations and site activities

Production – OT INDUSTRIES-DKG Machine Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
OT INDUSTRIES-DKG Machine Manufacturing Co. Ltd., a member of OT INDUSTRIES, has been a determining machine producing company in the hydrocarbon and chemical industry in the CE region since 1944. The main field of its activities is to satisfy the tool and equipment needs of oil and gas exploration, producing, transporting and processing. It makes products that are designed and developed in-house as well as equipment and assemblies made of special materials to bear extensive pressure and temperature ranges and deliver them worldwide.

Its factory includes 30,000 m2 workshops where all processes from designing and manufacturing to quality control are done by qualified and highly experienced professionals. Its products are manufactured in compliance with international standards. Quality and performance are tested using its pressure and specific high/low temperature testing equipment. In its material testing laboratories, it performs various destructive and nondestructive raw material and mid-production tests. The quality of its products is ensured by state-of-the-art processing tools, machines and production technology.

Based on the expertise of 70 years, its business philosophy is to keep on looking for new opportunities that challenge the experts of its knowledge-based organisation to ensure permanent development.

Valves and equipment:

  • Ball valves
  • Wedge gate valves and parallel slab gate valves
  • Pipeline gate valves
  • Wellhead equipment, wellhead gate valves

Pressure equipment:

  • Pressure vessels, tanks, reactors
  • Columns and towers
  • Spherical tanks
  • Filters and separators S Shell and tube heat-exchangers, air coolers
  • Pig launcher and receiver stations
  • ‘Flash-Lock’ quick opening closures (developed by DKG)
  • Skid mounted units (glycol regeneration unit, pump unit, degassing unit, ejector unit)
  • Gas loader, receiver stations
  • Steel structures
  • Pipe fittings

Construction – OT INDUSTRIES-KVV Contractor Co. Ltd.
The company has 60 years of construction experience, and has installed more than 10,000 km of gas transmission pipelines, 1000 km of optical cables worldwide, and 47,500 m3 storage tank capacities in the CE region. Pipeline construction capacity: 200 km/year up to diameter of DN1400 mm

  • 206 construction professionals S 50 qualified welders
  • 45 pipelayersOT 146 c
  • Six field bending machines
  • 16 welding tractors
  • 50 semi-automatic orbital welding units
  • Auxiliary equipment

OT INDUSTRIES–KVV Contractor Co. Ltd. is a leading pipeline construction company for Central Europe’s market. In accordance with its business philosophy, relying on the expertise accumulated during 60 years, it is constantly searching for new ways to ensure continuous development by posing challenges to the professionals of this knowledge-based organisation, thereby ensuring the ongoing development of its services and the company. Its main objective is to provide higher and higher level of services to its customers with the help of the results of its constant innovations.

In addition to the activities in Hungary, OT INDUSTRIES–KVV Co. Ltd. has been present in foreign markets for 40 years. During this period, the company has played an active role in the implementation of major projects, in partnership with international or local businesses in the following countries: Iraq, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Germany, Croatia, Belarus, Poland, Georgia, Slovenia and Romania.

The professional experience, references, resources and stable financial background guarantee high quality and reliable partnership co-operation to customers.

OT INUDSTRIES-KVV does offer the following services to pipeline operators and other clients:

  • Installation of high pressure gas transmission cross-country pipelines and its stations up to dia. 56 inch
  • Diagnostic tests and rehabilitation of pipeline
  • Installation and maintenance of cathodic corrosion protection systems
  • Installation of telecommunication cable networks
  • Diagnostic tests, rehabilitation, repair, construction and cleaning of storage tanks
  • Destructive and non-destructive material tests in an accredited laboratory

The key strength of the company is the main line welding of large diameter pipelines, using mechanised welding techniques, which eventuate excellent production rates and welding quality. Lowering-in operation with tie-in welding works are included among the strength of OT INUDSTRIES-KVV, as well.

The established and properly operated integrated management system (QMS/EMS/OHS/SCC) does ensure the fulfilment of the requirements of quality assurance, environment protection and occupational health & safety during project implementation.

Main references:
Gas pipeline (DE) – TERRANETS BW GmbH, 2015 DN 600 – 26.3 km
Barátság I. oil pipeline (HU) MOL, 2014-2015 DN 450 – 120 km
Slovak transit gas pipeline (HU) MGT, 2013- 2014 DN 800 – 92 km
Natural Gas Pipeline (PLN) 2012-2013 – 50+78+30 km
Croatian transit gas pipeline (HU) MOL – FGSZ, 2009-2010 DN 800 – 206 km
Romanian transit gas pipeline (HU) MOL –
FGSZ, 2009 DN 700 – 47 km
Cross country gas pipeline (HU) MOL – FGSZ, 2008 DN 1000-1400 – 220 km

Ongoing construction works:
Gas pipeline (PL) – GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.: Lwowek- Krobia DN 1000 – 113 km, Czeszow- Kielczow DN 1000 – 17 km

Address: H-1117 Budapest, Galvani str. 44.
Tel: +36 1 453 6300
Mail: sales@otindustries.hu
DKG: Károly Komíves – sales dierctor
KVV: Zsolt Gálek – sales director

Services: EPC project contractor, pipeline construction, equipment manufacturing