Palfinger Ned-Deck and Fast RSQ

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Established in 1996, Palfinger Ned-Deck today is one of Palfinger Marine Group’s five business units, where it focuses on the manufacture of launch and recovery systems (LARS) such as davits and cranes for life saving purposes, work boats, daughter crafts, fast interceptors and fenders.

“Originally, Palfinger Ned-Deck (Ned-Deck Marine until May 2013) was an equipment manufacturer of LARS for the marine offshore and naval industry. In 2010 we were acquired by the Palfinger Marine Group, which is focused on supplying complete deck equipment for the navy, marine and oil and gas industries,” explains Alexander Schouten, Palfinger Ned-Deck’s commercial director.

Striving to provide highly reliable, innovative and customised products that reflect Palfinger Marine Group’s promise of ‘lifetime excellence’, Palfinger Ned-Deck offers LARS that are safe, economical, user-friendly and high quality.

In 2009 internationally operating rescue craft designer and manufacturer Fast RSQ became a subsidiary of Palfinger Ned-Deck, a development that complements both firms’ commitment to offering excellent services in demanding market segments. “Fast RSQ is involved in rescue and daughter crafts, which are mostly SOLAS regulated designs, oil spill recovery work boats and interceptor boats for navy/coastguard vessels and release mechanisms” says Matthijs van der Ham, managing director of Fast RSQ. “We are both in markets that overlap in the offshore platform or offshore drilling unit market segment, and also in the offshore support/safety sector and our involvement in Navy/government projects. However, Fast RSQ also works on projects involving non-SOLAS workboats, such as specialised workboats, inflatable boats or for specific customer needs that could involve a local government requesting a boat for an internal lake. We can provide boats for projects that are beyond the market that Palfinger Ned-Deck is focused on.”

Both belonging to the same group, Palfinger Ned-Deck and Fast-RSQ benefit from sharing available information internally, which enables them to offer packages for boats and davits to clients in the oil and gas industry. A recent major contract win for the two companies was announced in September 2013 and involves the supply of UKOOA compliant rescue equipment for four emergency response and rescue vessels (ERRVs). Coming from Aberdeen based Sentinel Marine Ltd, the prestigious order announces the arrival of Fast RSQ as Palfinger Ned-Deck’s sister firm and will enable Palfinger Ned-Deck to retain its foothold on the davit sector for ERRVs.

The order involves a type FRSQ 700 A seven metre aluminium fast rescue craft, a type FRSQ 1000 A ten metre aluminum daughter craft, a PRH 35H FRC davit and PRH 75AP daughter craft davit. Built according to the latest stringent industry standards, each vessel will boast fuel-efficient design and a higher level of quality in on-board comfort. Once launched, Sentinel Marine’s fleet will be the youngest and most advanced serving the North Sea.

“Sentinel Marine came to us wanting innovative products, so we looked at the client’s requirements and the solutions we could deliver; following this, we developed an updated davit that is based on an already proven design. Furthermore, our completely new boat design is unique and of the highest quality, which was important to Sentinel. Both boats will be manufactured out of an aluminium hull design, which is far more cost effective due to very little maintenance requirements for the material,” highlights Matthijis. “You can not get a newer design, this really is the cream of the crop for both of us,” enthuses Alexander. “By giving our customer constant input on the product they will receive we have delivered satisfaction by merging years of proven experience with innovation. We appreciate the trust and support we have received from Sentinel, which has led to us supplying them with this high-tech new and innovative concept.”

Striving to offer customers excellence without compromise through reliable and profitable solutions within a worldwide network of reputable service partners, Palfinger Marine’s five business units deliver a lifelong product as part of a global brand. “Because we are part of the group we benefit from a lot of information and ideas being thrown around internally as we brain storm with one another about the needs of the market,” explains Alexander.

With a strong commitment to deliver the best quality and safety standards, efficient service, reliability in every situation and capability to deliver expert support under the umbrella of its parent company, Palfinger Ned-Deck and Fast RSQ complement one another by sharing mutual strengths and goals. “Palfinger Ned-Deck believes in sharing experience and knowledge through having an organisation structure that is flat, which means we can share information that is available between the two companies easily. This enables us to offer suitable packages for completely traceable boats and davits to our customers in the oil and gas industry,” says Alexander.

Dedicated to constant development, Palfinger Marine has a strong focus on quality and pushes its divisions to improve products; this commitment ensures Palfinger Ned-Deck and other divisions change and improve in line with the ever-evolving demands of the offshore oil and gas industry. “There are a lot of initiatives within Palfinger Marine to continue developing in line with the market, which we have noticed has an increasingly higher demand on quality, supplier performance, traceability of materials. To meet these needs we have been listening to what our clients want and analysing the market ahead of us so we can then set our own strategic goals for the near future and the long-term,” says Alexander.

Looking ahead, Palfinger Ned-Deck sees opportunities to expand in the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, Africa and Brazil, while Fast RSQ is focusing on the development of its oil spill recovery boats and preparing for contracts located in arctic conditions. “The oil and gas industry is going more North of the world, so it is logical for us to further develop our deck equipment to be compliant with these harsh conditions,” explains Alexander. “As the market becomes more demanding for better technology and low cost ownership, we too must constantly develop and be innovative. We understand the challenges in the global oil and gas industry and have adjusted our company in preparation for the future. We want to be the biggest player in the oil and gas market and we see only opportunities ahead.”

Palfinger Ned-Deck and Fast RSQ

Palfinger Ned-Deck
Services: Designer and manufacturer of launch and recovery systems

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