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Generating growth

Honing its skills over more than 115 years in the motor and generator industry, Parsons Peebles today serves a diverse collection of companies within the energy and industrial sectors. Driven by the delivery of high quality service, Parsons Peebles provides an extensive range of electromechanical services both on-site and within its workshops across the UK. Well positioned to ensure each customer’s equipment operates reliably and with minimal downtime, the company is a well-respected provider of inspection and installation services as well as diagnostics and replacement machines. Also known for its rapid response and short turnaround times, the company’s specialities are in motor, generator, gearbox, pump and compressed air service, parts and replacement units.

With highly skilled engineers on-hand 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, the company has the employee numbers and capabilities to serve a range of industries on both large and small scale projects. Not only are site engineers CCNSG trained, AtEx approved and ad blue card holders, Parsons Peebles is also a member of the Electrical & Mechanical Trades Authority and Certified Rebuilder Electric Motors. As a company clearly committed to maintaining consistently high standards, all processes undertaken by the company adhere to a strict regulatory framework that includes the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 environmental standards.

Bringing together a range of legacy brands such as Bruce Peebles, NEI Peebles, Peebles Electric Machines and AW Sterne, the company was purchased by Clyde Blowers Capital, an independent industrial investment firm, in 2013. Since then, Parsons Peebles has been strengthened by heavy investment, which not only enabled further growth, but also cemented Parsons Peebles’ reputation as a world leader in the service and manufacturer of bespoke electrical machines.

Expanding into more sectors through both organic growth and acquisitions over recent years, the company now employs more than 360 people and boasts a network of 11 sites across the UK. This expansion has enabled Parsons Peebles to become closer to its customers, increase responsiveness to demands and also gain a higher level of product and service coverage. On top of this, through its acquisition of the Rotherham based high voltage coil company Preformed Windings, Parsons Peebles is able to deliver high voltage coils in days, not weeks to its customers. This offers a massive advantage to clients working offshore with a critical machine that goes down as the company can supply coils to get these machines back up and running very quickly. Furthermore, because it has the original machine design experience, the company can not only put in a set of like-for-like replacement coils, but also upgrade the coil to provide a more reliable machine that can be designed for potentially more output too.

The more recent acquisitions of Anstee & Ware in October 2015 and Taylor and Goodman, in March 2016 have not only played a key role in the company’s strategy of becoming the top electromechanical solutions provider in the market, but also resulted in these companies, alongside Parsons Peebles Generation, being placed under a new brand identity. Taking place throughout a 90-day brand integration process in the final quarter of 2016, the businesses have since begun to present the brand on various materials such as sales collateral, documentation, clothing and signage. With both Taylor and Goodman and Anstee & Ware specialising in electromechanical services for the water industry, the company has widened its scope on both workshop and on-site services that can be supplied to pump applications.

This strategy for growth and expansion has been highly fruitful for Parsons Peebles, which today delivers coils, frequency converters, compressed air solutions, pumps, gearboxes and services & parts in addition to motors and generators to its diverse customer base. A more dynamic and adaptable firm, Parsons Peebles has taken a step away from the turbulent oil & gas market and developed a stronger presence in more stable sectors such as hydroelectric power, energy, water and industrial. Thanks to its versatility, the company has more balanced revenue streams and will also be ready to serve the oil & gas market when it returns.

With a keen eye for opportunity, Parsons Peebles recently announced the formation of a partnership with water pump energy specialists Riventa with the goal of delivering a new, combined offering to the UK water industry. Bringing together energy optimisation expertise with world-class engineering solutions, this partnership will extend Parsons Peebles’ reach within the UK water market while also helping Riventa deliver its services to UK water organisations. Based on a joint belief in technological innovation and exceptional customer services, the two companies believe that the joint strengths of Riventa and Parsons Peebles will result in world-class TOTEX projects to be delivered and positive outcomes for customers. Since the announcement of the partnership in February 2017, the two partners have gone on to attend the Pump Centre Conference in Telford in May 2017 to provide information on the combined offering of pump efficiency and life-cycle extension solutions for pump applications.

Now able to offer asset optimisation solutions for pump technology that supports the water industry in line with TOTEX expectations, Parsons Peebles looks set to strengthen its presence in the growing water sector. However, as a company that is in growth mode and has maintained a focus on diversifying operations, Parsons Peebles will continue to open its doors to customers in any sector that it can provide the best possible electromechanical services.

Parsons Peebles
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