Performance Vac and Services

Performance Vac and Services hauls fluids and oilfield waste throughout western Canada. The company’s focus on reliability and safety has transformed it into a leader in the industry.

The company was founded by oilfield veteran Kurt Campbell. Over time, he developed a responsive team and a growing fleet of high-end equipment designed to handle the various needs of the oil industry, the company says.

Performance Vac and Services is a leader in vac, tank and hauling services throughout northwestern Canada. The company’s experience in the oilfields of northern Alberta and British Columbia ensures that it understands the legal and regulatory requirements and specialized equipment needs of its varied customer base, the company says.

Performance Vac and Services’ mission is straightforward: to provide personalized service to customers, communities and the environment. That goal is achieved via professional and personal service, excellent safety practices, a maintenance program and top-of-the-line equipment, the company notes.

Safety Comes First
Safety is a primary concern for Performance Vac and Services. The company is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of everyone involved with its operations. This starts with a comprehensive health, safety and environment program for employees, it says. The safety program meets or exceeds Canada’s Occupation Health and Safety Regulation standards.

“We maintain top-of- the-line equipment through maintenance programs that ensure a safe working environment no matter where we are operating,” the company says. “Our care for safety extends to the environments that we work in as well, with care being taken to minimize and mitigate any environmental dangers.”

Employee training includes H2H (Helmets to Hardhats), confined space, standard first aid, workplace hazardous materials information systems, transportation of dangerous goods, wildlife awareness, hazard elimination and ground disturbance. Company operators work in a range of oilfield service operations including transporting hazardous and non-hazardous materials, spill cleanups, fluid transfers and cleaning work.

Performance Fleet
Much of Performance Vac and Services’ success comes as a result of its specialized equipment fleet, which consists of vacuum trucks, heating units and fluid haulers.

For example, the company’s straight vac trucks’ tri-drive vacuum units are used for spill cleanups, fluid transfers and rig work. “Having our trucks equipped with tri-drive allows us to haul heavier loads on rougher terrain throughout the oil patch,” the company says.

Combo units are tri-drive trucks equipped with wash water and debris tanks. They offer the same high-quality vacuum of the straight vacs but with added pressure-wash capabilities, the company says.

The company’s fleet also includes hydrovac trucks, which are tri-drive units equipped with wash water and debris tanks. The trucks are used to perform various jobs including cleaning tanks and pipeline hydrovacing.

The fleet of oiler units is comprised of tri-drive trucks equipped with 7.5 million BTU burners and 15,000-psi pumps. “We maintain all of our equipment to the highest standards, and have experienced operators that make sure our hot oilers work perfectly at each job,” the company says. “Our units are adaptable to meet any type of heating need in the Canadian oilfield.” The trucks are equipped with a computer system that records all data.

The company’s tri-drive pressure units are the most versatile on the road, the company says. “Whether it’s holding back pressure and launching frac balls, pushing pigs or pumping to coil tubing, these units will handle it all,” it says.