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Punj Lloyd operates as a significant global player with a trusted reputation in the provisionof integrated design, engineering, procurement,construction and project management services to clients operating within the energy, infrastructure and defence industry sectors. Presently Punj Lloyd has operations spread across 23 countriesand generates a turnover of around $1.12 billion. Despite its position as a diversified international conglomerate that offers specialist EPC services within some of the market’s most challenging industry sectors, the company’s history can be traced back to relatively modest beginnings. The business started as the pipeline division of Punj Sons Private Limited in 1982, which was later incorporated as Punj Lloyd Engineering PrivateLimited in 1988. The company was rechristened as Punj Lloyd Private Limited in the following year and subsequently became Public Limited in 1992.

As the company continued to grow, Punj Lloyd was quick to spot opportunities in overseas markets and secured projects, thereby it widened its international operations to Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Qatar, Malaysia, Kazakhstan and Bangladesh. This formed the basis for the establishment of the Group’s regional offices in the Caspian, Middle East and Africa (MEA), South East Asia and South Asia. Today the group employs a workforce encompassing some 15,000 skilled professionals across a range of disciplines throughout several geographies that empower the group to aggressively pursue new developments throughout the world.

The service package offered by Punj Lloyd Limited is comprised of a complete EPC project solution beginning with planning, design and detailed engineering and continuing through to procurement, construction andcommissioning. These are applied within the fields of construction for pipelines and tankages, process plants, offshore platforms and pipelines, buildings, infrastructure, highways and power projects. Punj Lloyd manages each of these segments as vertical markets that each represent a business segment in itself, with projects spread across various geographies supported by central functions.

“With our vertical process structure we provide EPC services for refinery units, refinery up-gradation such as crude distillation unit (CDU), vacuum distillation unit (VDU), sulphur recovery unit (SRU), amine recovery unit (ARU), hydrocracker, coker and delayed coker units, Sour Water Stripper units (SWS) andother major units,” explains Punj Lloyd CEOand President for Process vertical Amit Gupta. “Furthermore as specialists in polymers we offer complete EPC services within the petrochemical and polymer industries in all categories ranging from LDPE, linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and high density polyethylene(HDPE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride(PVC), acrylics and all major units includingchemical industry and gas processing/field development projects.”

To accommodate its broad base of operations Punj Lloyd maintains a comprehensive fleet of equipment as well as several workshops and maintenance yards. Punj Lloyd Group maintains a diversified equipment portfolio that has earned the company a reputation as ‘all terrain specialists’. “This is further highlighted by the successful execution of projects in challenging terrain ranging from the dry deserts of Oman to the swamps of Indonesia and mountains of Turkey to the rainforests of Indonesia,” Amit elaborates. “We posses 132 years of polymer and petrochemical experience by virtue of our acquisitions providing end-to-end solutions from concept to commissioning. We have a large and young fleet of equipment withminimum downtime and equipment assets valued at $0.4 billion. This fleet includes amphibian equipment including swamp excavators, dredgers, marsh buggies, flexiyoke work barges, swamp cranes, push pull pipelay barges.”

Through its global presence and extensive equipment portfolio, Punj Lloyd has amassed a client base that includes major market players within India as well as international blue-chip companies. Examples include recently won contracts concerning the development of a major tank farm project on behalf of PETRONAS Malaysia and the provision of tankerage solutions as part of the expansion and revamping project of the Ahmadi Depot in Kuwait. The PETRONAS Malaysia tank farm development project is part of the company’s refinery and petrochemical integrated development (RAPID) programme, with the involvement of Punj Lloyd valued at $581 million. “Punj Lloyd’s scope of work in the RAPID Tank Farm project includes project management; design; engineering; interface with other contractors and third parties; procurement; construction; inspection and testing; pre-commissioning and commissioning. The RAPID tank farm will be a critical project requiring expertise in the construction of different types of tanks including storage tanks, LPG tanks, mounded bullets, Light Cracked Naphtha storage, transfer pumps and additive packages,” Amit elaborates.

“The project in Kuwait is for expansion and revamping of Ahmadi Depot from Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC),” he adds. “This project is valued at around $236 million and is scheduled for completion in 35 months from the time of writing. The scope of work includes the design, detailed engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of 11 new floating roof product tanks with a capacity of around 228,000 cubic metres.”

With continued success in the award of several large-scale and highly publicised projects,Punj Lloyd is well placed to remain strong inthe face of challenging market conditions, as Amit concludes: “Punj Lloyd Limited has with it more than two decades of experience in the EPC Industry and its competitive edge comes from our dedicated manpower, which is our biggest strength. There have been some tough challenges over the past two years however, we have overcome that hurdle and stood strong as a team. Today our order backlog is close to $3.6 billion, in the next 12 months we are going to concentrate on our existing customers and have targeted to reach an order backlog of approximately $7 billion and attain revenue of close to $1.5 billion.”

Punj Lloyd

Services: Integrated design, engineering, procurement, construction and project management