Rangeland Engineering

Rangeland Engineering is a company on the move. President and CEO Ron Daye has more than four decades of experience as a process engineer and project manager in the oil and gas industry. When the oil and gas sector in Canada started to expand at the turn of the century, he decided to seize the opportunity and founded Rangeland in 2001. The company has realized consistent growth during the past decade-plus because of its work ethic and skillset.

Rangeland Engineering offers a number of diverse services. These include everything from process design, project management and project development engineering to drafting and design services, commissioning and startup, and construction management.

“We cover all disciplines, from process engineering, mechanical engineering and civil engineering to electrical engineering, full materials management and procurement,” Daye says. “We used to sub out some of that, but now we have brought all of them into the company.”

The company has also worked on a diverse array of projects. Rangeland Engineering’s experience extends from gas processing, NGL recovery, rail transloading unit trains, fractionation and co-generation facilities to oil and gas production facilities, API tank farms and biofuels facilities.

“We do a majority of our work in the oil and gas industry, all the way from the wellhead to treating, compression, pumping and distribution,” Daye says. “Gas processing, rail, terminalling, transloading and fractionation have all been focus areas for us. We also get involved with heavy industry in areas like construction, mining, power generation, co-generation and some biofuel work. In that sense, we are quite diversified.”

Most of Rangeland Engineering’s work has taken place within Canada. However, the company has already had some exposure to the international market and is looking for new growth opportunities internationally. Thus far, Rangeland Engineering has completed projects in many countries, including the United States, Nigeria, Ghana, Guinea, Colombia, Cuba and Kazakhstan.

Sleek Services
Rangeland Engineering strives to provide high-quality engineering, procurement and construction coordination services. The company employs experienced and qualified personnel that focus on innovation and client satisfaction. In addition, Rangeland Engineering has invested in a number of state-of-the-art tools to ensure that its people have the resources to do their jobs efficiently.

Daye says the company has been focusing on more modular designs in recent years. Rangeland Engineering’s investment into 3-D modeling allows the company to create designs for individual modules and process skids that can subsequently be delivered to the fabrication shop for fabrication on the shop floor or in the field.

Enhanced materials management capabilities have been another focus for Rangeland Engineering. The company can now report on the status of materials and their delivery details. This ensure’s that fabricators are receiving all of the materials they need when they need them.

In addition, Rangeland Engineering has also developed its Construction Status 360 (ConStat 360) system. The system allows the company to keep closer tabs on all aspects of a project during the construction process.

“It allows us to stay more involved with projects all the way to the end,” Daye says. “We never say ‘no’ to improving technology and software such as design and cost estimating tools. We also invest a great deal in training, doing a lot of it in-house and bringing in some outside specialists.”

Strong Relations
When getting involved on a project, the company aims to create a strong working relationship with its clients at the management, project engineering, procurement, environmental, operations and construction stages. Rangeland Engineering’s goal is to take an integrated approach to working with the client.

The company’s preference is to keep the same team members from its process, mechanical, civil, electrical and control departments involved throughout a project. That way, it can ensure a consistent approach to project development and design.

Weekly project meetings, field meetings and project postmortems allow Rangeland Engineering and its clients to seek continuous improvement opportunities. Through this collaboration, Rangeland Engineering can ultimately improve project procedures, specifications and design standards in order to design cost effective and safe process facilities.

“We work very hard to get as close as we can to the client at the conceptual stage and try to define the projects from there,” Daye says. “If we can be involved at the earliest stages, we can develop a deep trust. Our business has been built on relationships.”

Since its inception, Rangeland Engineering has managed to build and maintain a strong track record for delivering engineering project management projects on time and on schedule. This has helped the company in its effort to build a strong, diverse client base. It has created many long-term relationships, earning repeat business and establishing a number of master service agreements.

Rangeland Engineering has every reason to be optimistic about its future prospects for success. Looking ahead, the company is confident that it can continue to experience consistent growth and stability.

“We believe that our core competencies will sustain the company and grow Rangeland Engineering further,” Daye says. “Over our many years in business, this has developed into a great company that has a family culture, low turnover and the best resources.”