Reanco Team A/S

Architectural excellence

Reanco Team A/S is a fast growing manufacturing company, working on 70 per cent of Norway’s offshore constructions.

The company has 25 employees and was acquired by James Fisher and Sons Plc in 2004. It is one of the leaders in the field of turnkey accommodation systems and upgrade solutions for living areas on offshore productions.

Arne Thorbjornsen, marketing and project manager of Reanco Team, explains: “Reanco is a team that has had over 30 years experience out on the North Sea platforms. We specialise in the total construction of interior architectural design, all kinds of walls, ceilings and flooring, as well as having a strong reputation in projects such as central control rooms and videoconference rooms. We have constructed many of these videoconference rooms in the last two years, the latest one constructed was said to be the best in the North Sea, of which we are very proud. Another specialisation of ours lies in the sound reduction of cabins. There is a major problem on several platforms in the North Sea where too much noise means that night shift workers cannot rest during the day. We have solved the problem by developing new cabins that are built inside the existing cabins, reducing the noise significantly.”

The company engages in a huge range of accommodation upgrades and maintenance works. Reanco Team holds the philosophy Subject Competence Niché, which is ‘interaction between selection of material, design solutions and workmanship,’ meaning that areas of maintenance are made to the specific requirements of the customer using materials that are not only compatible, but ideal for the project in hand: “We ensure the high quality of our products by putting a lot of time into the planning, ensuring that only the best solutions, suppliers and materials are used to meet the customers needs. We have a slogan paired with Scan Tech that represents to our customers that, ‘there is no compromise on quality’,” Arne says.

Reanco Team has further pioneered its own design of raised access floor designed especially for the marine and offshore markets. Its original aluminium raised access floor is ideal for these industries as it is light weight, easily installed, flexible and sturdy with minimum maintenance requirements and it can be designed and changed to meet customers’ specifications: “This year we have produced over 4000 square meters of raised access flooring and it is under increasing demand. We provide the complete package, including stairs, hand rails and floor covering. We are always looking forward and trying to move with the market, forever looking at new and innovative floor systems to add to our product range,” Arne explains.

The company prides itself on the close interactions it has with its customers, working with them from the initiation of a project until completion. Arne notes: “Our biggest clients are StatoilHydro, Aibel and AkerSolutions, and it is very important for us that we hold close customer relations. We try to reach all of their needs and requirements, cooperating not only with them but also with suppliers and manufacturers to discover the best solution for the client.”

In addition to this, the company holds a comprehensive and proactive Health, Environment and Safety programme (HES). It aims at zero accidents to personnel, environment and assets, with accident and near-accident reporting, safety training and statistics. The company has an accident rate that is lower than the offshore average, Arne explains its policy: “We have a very high focus on health, environment and safety, not only as a company for ourselves but also as a supplier to our customers. We place a lot of emphasis on the safety of our workers in the day-to-day production of our projects. We always want to ensure that our employees are working safely, with proper training, especially in the production of our raised access flooring. It is also good for the atmosphere in the firm that employees feel happy to work for Reanco.” Many of the company’s products have a construction quality focused on the aesthetic and hygienic effects on the environment. Reanco’s superior understanding of how different materials and elements react, in conjunction with a knowledge of the tough offshore environment, makes it an ideal candidate to undertake the development of these environmentally friendly products.

Whilst it is a predominantly small company, Reanco Team has a wide range of capabilities having created a number of original solutions for the offshore industry. Though an expert on the accommodation areas of offshore productions, the company is further able to provide superior cold storage and sound insulation solutions, as well as environmentally friendly products – a vital development for the future of the offshore industry. With this ambition and innovation the company looks set to continue its growing success in the future: “The market is good for us at the moment, our products and services are in high demand and we are continuing to grow,” Arne concludes.

Reanco Team A/S

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