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Founded in 1990, Rental Pumps has two locations in Holland and Belgium with the majority of its operations taking place across the Netherlands.

From its headquarters in Papendrecht, Holland the company is able to serve customers throughout Germany and many of its pumps end up in regions such as Abu Dhabi, the US and Russia where clients decide to use the company’s expertise over local competitors. The business only supplies pumps and accessories for rental, meaning its range is extremely wide compared to competitors and its capabilities span from the very small to the very big. Over the years Rental Pumps has developed a plethora of knowledge and experience when it comes to pump and engine abilities. Ten years Rental Pumps 09 2009 bago, the company developed a modular pump system and now supplies an increasing portfolio of varying engines that includes diesel engines, electric motors, explosion proof electric motors and engines in canopies, and all of its products can be supplied in conjunction with each other or in separate orders.

Expertly serving those with piston, submersible, displacement, high-pressure or wastewater pump needs, Rental Pumps has a number of core strengths that set it apart in the marketplace, as Ad de Vor, managing director of the company explains: “We always deliver. We rent out a pump that has been chosen to exactly match the job in hand and we do this very quickly. We arrange the transportation, the service and the supply all within a very short time frame. Some customers make orders months in advance of a project, while the majority ring us with a problem needing a fast solution and we find the equipment to solve it. It is this ability that has enabled us to build up our business over the past 20 years.”

Rental Pumps’ provision covers three core areas. The construction market provides stable business for the company, requiring fairly simple pumps and hoses in varying sizes. This sector gives Rental Pumps consistent contracts that are set to continue for the foreseeable future. The industrial sector has more specialised needs as it requires pumps that are ideally suited to the project in hand and knowledgeable suppliers who are able to assess the situation and find the appropriate piece of equipment. Industrial customers also generally require bigger pumps with higher pressure and volume capacities. The offshore market is a further area of expertise where Rental Pumps’ staff use their experience to deliver the necessary pumps and pipes for risk-bearing projects in demanding environments. In this field the company is the main supplier of mobile pumps to Holland’s market leader and most recently it supplied a 5000kg pump to a leading oil and gas company in Abu Dhabi by plane. The organisation is forever looking for ways to expand its portfolio by discovering larger and more dynamic pumps.

Ad further outlines Rental Pumps’ offshore provision: “We have pumps that are designed to meet the needs of more diverse and demanding projects. These applications range from being made completely of stainless steel to being explosion proof or handling higher pressures.Rental Pumps 09 2009 c

We are also able to buy in a pump to meet a client’s exact requirements; we finance it, assemble it and then rent it back out to them – this not only expands our portfolio but ensures our customers to stay with us for the future. We approach customers to say ‘this is our range, but if we don’t have what you want, we’ll make it’, this kind of attitude makes us stand out in the industry.”

Rental Pumps has survived the economic crisis relatively unscathed with little affect to its business. Throughout 2008 investments were made into acquiring bigger engines and larger pumps that are now actively serving the company’s evolving export market. A new member of staff was also employed to dedicate time to facilitate the export sector of the company. Rental Pumps’ biggest offshore project in 2009 involved the installation of two custom-made ballasting systems for the offshore barge ‘GIANT 3’. The company took total control of the design and installation on these semi-submersible barges during the load-on in Marseille, France and the load-out at offshore Angola, Middle Africa, through its regional partners.

Another example of the organisation’s prowess was demonstrated in its provision of a vacuum consolidation pump for the HSL (high speed line) near Hoogmade in Holland. Rental Pumps’ own staff designed the pump and it is made up of a series of vacuum pumps, water pumps, buffer drums, a diesel generator and an intelligent control, which can be adjusted and monitored at a distance. If the vacuum fails or a low fuel level is reached, the client is informed by an SMS message system.

The prediction for the future is that trends into environmental solutions will grow throughout Holland and the wider pump rental industry. Silenced pumps are being developed to reduce noise pollution and efforts into reducing fuel consumption are becoming more widespread. In order to keep up with the growing number of rental companies, Rental Pumps will invest in forthcoming technologies and pumps with more eco-friendly credentials.

Ad highlights his future vision: “We think the end of this year, going into next year, will be even more successful than 2008 because we know for sure that the rental market will grow. However, the number of direct competitors in Holland is also growing and we aim to stay ahead of the pack. We are not planning to start establishing more rental locations across Europe or further afield, our strategy is to remain at our base in The Netherlands but expand through gaining partnerships in alternative countries. We already supply our pumps to clients operating in international waters and so we will continue this provision by creating a web of service points where worldwide companies can access our knowledge and experience. I am very optimistic about our potential.”

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