Rouge Pipeline Services LLC (RPS) was setup in 2003 and became an independent company in 2008

Independent growth

From its base in Dubai, UAE, Rouge Pipeline Services LLC provides all its services in the MENA region and is expanding in the Caspian Sea area, India and Far East.
RPS’ vision for the next five years The management’s vision for the next five years can be summarised as follows:

  • Maintain the zero injury record thereby minimising LTA
  • Improve constantly quality in engineering and operation.
  • Maintain and increase a strong presence in the Middle East/Arabian/Persian Gulf/North Africa and S.E. Asia
  • Increase marketing and operational coverage of other regions like Central West and South Africa
  • Sustain its internal growth by acquiring new assets

Despite being operational for just six years the business has grown considerably in this time, currently offering a vast catalogue of services to clients in its home market as well as across North Africa Europe and Southeast Asia. Having such a broad portfolio gives RPS the ability to provide full assistance to clients, with its personnel skilled in a number of areas such as:

  • Cleaning of pipelines and storage tanks
  • Pipeline and station maintenance
  • Pipeline hydrotesting
  • Pipeline drying
  • Caliper pigging
  • Leak testing/commissioning/decommissioning
  • Nitrogen/Helium leak testing
  • Fabrication of launcher/receiver and high pressure manifolds
  • Inspection of tanks/engineering services/ defects assessment
  • Corrosion expertise – DCVG/CIPS survey – cathodic protection
  • Pipeline/tank rehabilitation
  • Pipeline integrity management
  • Personnel support for OPCO and contractor
  • Online inspection services through associate partners
  • Project management consultancy, staffing and recruitment services
  • Chemical cleaning on HRSG, boilers, furnace, heat exchangers and process piping
  • Flushing, chemical cleaning and water treatment for district cooling and chilled water piping
  • Media filtration of lube oil and hydraulic oil systems (NAS 6 Cleanliness)
  • Jet fuel/hydrant pipeline pressure testing and flushing
  • Steam blowing
  • Acid pickling and passivation of stainless steel vessels in process, evaporators on desalination plants.

It is not, however, the provision of equipment and services that distinguishes Rouge Pipeline Services from its competitors. The company is widely known for the skill and expertise of its employees, and accordingly it is able to provide a range of staffing and manpower solutions. In this field Rouge provides qualified professionals and offers tailor-made services encompassing technical assistance, project management, manpower, recruitment and consultancy to clients such as EPC contractors, E&P operators and contractors. These teams work directly for the main OPCOs, EPC contractors, and E&P contractors in areas including the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia.

Rouge believes that the core success of a project lies within a successful team, with key emphasis placed on the cohesion of that team as well as the quality, skill and knowledge of each individual involved. Indeed, quality remains a cornerstone of every aspect of Rouge Pipeline Services’ operations, with the business mobilising its management team, technical specialists and support staff in order to implement the provisions outlined in its Integrated Management System.

This system has a number of key areas that the business continuously looks to address, such as maintaining zero injuries and lowering LTAs, constantly improving quality in engineering and operation, increasing turnover through development, and maintaining and increasing a strong presence in its current operating areas while exploring new market opportunities. Achieving success in each of these areas enables the company to assess its effectiveness while ensuring constant feedback so that it may evolve in line with the Group’s objectives and its clients’ best interests.

Likewise, the company is strongly dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of health and safety throughout its operations in order to keep its people, and those of its clients, safe. Due to the global nature of its business, Rouge Pipeline Services’ employees regularly travel to inhospitable or remote locations to undertake projects working on offshore structures and other dangerous environments. It is Rouge’s aim to have zero fatalities and zero harmful incidents in all of these projects, and as such the company has implemented and maintained its Environment Management System by obtaining the OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate.

Rouge Pipeline Services has yet to be in operation for a decade, but it has already proven itself a highly successful and capable business with a strong reputation in the offshore pipeline sector. The company is always looking to the future, aiming to expand into new market sectors and to employ more staff over the coming years. With the ability to already cover all aspects of the modern pipeline industry, any further growth and expansion will certainly ensure that Rouge Pipeline Services becomes one of the leaders in its field.

Rouge Pipeline Services
Services: Commissioning, maintenance and servicing of pipelines worldwide