Sadhna Petroleum Services Co. Ltd.

As the oil and gas market opens up to private businesses in Trinidad and Tobago and the government-owned oil operation awards contracts to external companies, opportunities abound for firms that can handle these jobs. Very few companies in this Caribbean nation have the capabilities Sadhna Petroleum Services Co. Ltd. boasts, giving it a distinct advantage over the competition.

“We offer a gamut of services, so we can perform from cradle to the grave,” says Denise Ali, COO of Sadhna Petroleum. “We can work with relevant agencies to get approvals, and we also have equipment in place to build drilling locations and access roads. Through our internal capacity and our partnering, we’re able to provide a full gamut of services and plans.”

Founded in 1993, Sadhna Petroleum Services Co. Ltd. performs drilling, workover, completion, reservoir management and project management services. The company has completed both onshore and offshore projects with several local and international companies in a variety of capacities.

In the last three years, Sadhna Petroleum Services has expanded its operations into Suriname and Guyana. Today, the Sadhna Petroleum Group is comprised of:

Sadhna Petroleum Services Co. Ltd.
Sadhna Petroleum Services (Suriname) N.V.
Sadhna Petroleum Services Co. Inc. (Guyana)
Sadhna Exploration and Production, Guyana Inc.
The Sadhna Petroleum Group boasts that it has completed a number of turnkey projects within budget and on time while managing subcontractors, and interacting with suppliers and inspectors.

“We come with a full wealth of experience and knowledge within the oil and gas industry here in Trinidad,” Ali says.

Constant Expansion
As the company continues to grow, Sadhna Petroleum must expand its fleet of equipment. Recently, the company acquired another rig and a vacuum truck to take advantage of opportunities in Trinidad for land-based drilling contracts.

“We always look at new technology that is available,” Ali says.

By offering turnkey services for oilfield projects, Sadhna Petroleum can negotiate pricing from a much stronger position. Ali says the company is adept at this out of necessity to better compete with larger corporations.

“We look at contract policies to see where we can negotiate prices for our services,” she says. “When we talk with our clients, we tell them this is what we have to do, and this is what we’re dealing with.”

Oftentimes, this negotiating process may call for recovering fewer resources than originally intended, Ali says. “With a smaller recovery, it’s not going to cost very much, but we will get the recovery we’re looking for,” she says. “Big service companies are just looking for the best options out there.”

Taking Ownership
Ali’s long-term vision for her company has Sadhna Petroleum as an owner/operator of oilfield projects. She says this role may happen in the not-too-distant future.

“I would want us not just to be a contractor per se but to become a small operator with an acquisition of our own and be a hydrocarbon producer on a smaller scale,” she says. “With the experience we’ve been gathering over the years and have been providing our clients, we can be in a position to do those ourselves.”