Sanchez Energy Corp

Sanchez Energy Corp. does not sim- ply have an interest on the Eagle Ford Shale in Texas. According to founder, Chairman and CEO Tony Sanchez III, the company is “extremely focused” on that area of south Texas, so much so that no other public company can equal its dedication to or experience with the shale. But Sanchez Energy’s emphasis on the Eagle Ford Shale is not the only aspect of the company that sets it apart from competitors – Sanchez Energy also brings to the region an unequaled operational experience and breadth of service relationships that help it maintain a leadership position in the market.

With operations in Houston and Laredo, Texas, Sanchez Energy is a publically traded oil and gas producer that pursues low-risk drilling opportunities in the Eagle Ford Shale. The company explains it is growing rapidly, and a majority of its leases have full depth rights and are prospective for the Buda Limestone, Austin Chalk and Pearsall shale formations. In addition to its presence in the Eagle Ford Shale, Sanchez Energy also has an acreage position in the Haynes­ville Shale play in Louisiana and a large undeveloped acreage position with a substantial remaining lease term in the Heath, Bakken and Three Forks trends in northern Montana.

The company was formed in 2011 and went public in December, but its operations stem from the proven track record of Sanchez Oil and Gas and other Sanchez Group entities, all of which date back to 1972. The Sanchez Group has been successful in identifying, acquiring and executing large drilling programs over the past 40 years, and this expertise provides Sanchez Energy with confidence in the strength of its operations.

“Our history dates back to 1972 when the business founded by my grandfather and father began operating in south Texas,” Sanchez says. “This is the location of the Eagle Ford Shale, which is why it is a geographic area that we are very familiar with.”

Pure Play Focus
According to Sanchez Energy, the Eagle Ford Shale trend covers 11 million acres from the Texas/Mexico border to east Texas near Louisiana; its size is nearly 1/16th of the entire state of Texas.

Sanchez Energy is focused on three ongoing project areas: the Maverick area with 26,500 net acres, Palmetto area with 9,400 net acres and Marquis area with 56,500 net acres. Maverick is in a range with black oil, Palmetto covers black and volatile oil, and Marquis spans black oil, volatile oil and condensate.

“The depth of the ranges of the shale range from 4,000 feet to 14,000 feet and contain black oil, volatile oil, condensate and dry gas,” the company explains.

With extensive experience in this geographic area, combined with the company’s use of fit-for-purpose technology and employment of professionals and engineers with vast expertise, Sanchez Energy is confident in its ability to drill these reserves. “I’m very proud of the way our team has mobilized to take advantage of these world-class opportunities,” Sanchez says.

“Ours is a simple story – we have a pure-play focus on the Eagle Ford Shale and we’re the only company of our kind,” he adds. EMI