Sanjel Corp.

Sanjel Corp. may have a staff of thousands and locations across the world, but it still maintains a small company feel. “[We have] a close knit, great work environment,” says Matt McCleary, northern operations manager for fracturing.

The firm, which serves clients in Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, the Middle East and the United States, specializes in acidizing, cementing, coiled tubing, fracturing and nitrogen services.

Donald McDonald founded the company with the belief he could provide Sanjel’s services better than other firms. “[He] went out and started the company with two trucks,” McCleary says.

Since then, Sanjel has experienced substantial growth. The firm’s head office for its U.S. operations is in Denver, while it also has an office in Calgary for its Canadian work, and an international head office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Additionally, Sanjel’s portfolio of clients includes such firms as Newfield Exploration Co. and SM Energy Co. “We were able to partner with operators that were [also] growing,” he says. “We were able to work together and grow together to meet each [others’] needs.”

Sanjel also has established a strong presence and reputation in the Williston Basin. “We’ve been up there in the area for over 10 years,” McCleary says.

Core of the Culture
Throughout the years, Sanjel has grown to employ a staff of more than 3,000 workers, McCleary says. “We’ve over quadrupled our head count in the last three years,” he says. “Our expansion has been a highlight for us.”

In addition, many of the firm’s key workers have longevity with Sanjel. “[They] have really kept the company culture [intact],” he says.

These include several who are from the areas where Sanjel operates. “That really helps us to be able to perform in these areas,” he says. “They’re kind of in their hometown.”

Ready to Serve
With its advanced pumping equipment, Sanjel says it provides its clients with the services they need to conquer the challenges of the oil and gas industry. “Today, Sanjel is an industry leader with a depth of experience and a commitment to technological innovations and performance across all five of our service lines,” it says.

For instance, the firm employs experienced technicians, chemists and engineers to deliver customized acidizing services and products. “The solid integration of our purpose-built equipment and robust acid packages allow us to deliver the right solutions that global energy producers demand, and enable Sanjel to remain the energy service company of choice for well-productivity enhancement,” Sanjel says.

The company also has a wide range of global acid stimulation products, such as iron control packages, corrosion inhibitors, anti-sludge agents and demulsifiers. “To ensure the maximum success of each acid treatment, Sanjel performs a suite of thorough testing which enables treating fluids to be optimized for the given well conditions,” the company says.

Another area where Sanjel excels is fracturing services. “Sanjel’s proprietary fracturing fluids and custom-designed equipment are proven to perform optimally and economically in a wide variety of fracturing applications, particularly in multistage fracturing,” the company says.

The firm engineers its full-line of fracturing fluids in-house. “The research and development of new, exclusive fracturing fluids and applications includes aggressive initiatives around technology with ultra-low impact on human health and the environment,” Sanjel says.

“Sanjel’s fracturing spread is one of the youngest in the industry, and they operate at the leading edge of oilfield pumping service innovation and technical advancement,” it says. “Our fracturing equipment is refurbished every four years and are removed from service at 10 years of age or sooner.”

Always Looking
McCleary sees continued expansion for Sanjel. “We’re always looking for any opportunities for new locations,” he says. “We’re just [seeking] opportunities that we think would fit well with our business model.” EMI