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Scana Skarpenord was originally established in the late 1960s as a subsidiary of Norsk Hydro in Norway, and remains located in Rjukan, Norway.

All company activities – from marketing and sales to assembly and testing of the final product – are carried out from this plant in Norway.

Since the middle of the 1970s, the company has been an active player in the market with its current production range, and today is counted among the leading suppliers of hydraulic valve systems for the ship and offshore industry. Scana Industrier took over the company in 1989, making Scana Skarpenord part of the global Scana group. Scana Industrier is organised into three business areas: steel, marine and oil & gas, with Scana Skarpenord falling into the marine category.

The marine business area consists of companies that supply equipment and servicesfor the propulsion of ships and valve control systems. The main market of the business area is in the shipping industry, where shipyards, shipping companies and agencies are all key customers. It also supplies products such as valve control systems, which are also supplied to the oil and gas industries.

Scana Skarpenord’s key customers are shipyards involved with the construction of large ships such as tankers, dry cargo carriers and larger offshore vessels, such as FPSOs and rigs. The retrofit market is of interest to the company as, although it is mainly involved in newbuildings, the upgrading and modification of existing installations is an important and growing segment for the company.

The business is active in Asia, particularly China and Korea. The market in Korea is handled by Scana Skarpenord’s subsidiary, Scana Korea Hydraulic. Scana Skarpenord supplies key components and technical solutions, while Scana Korea Hydraulic in Pusan is responsible for sales, engineering and assembly of the systems.

In addition to the shipyards, shipping companies are viewed as being highly important, as they exert a significant influence on the shipyards’ and other contractors’ choice of sub suppliers. The company also supplies equipment to customers in Germany, Spain, Croatia, Russia and the US, and partners in Turkey, Croatia and the US carry out service operations. This current network of agents covers most of the world’s shipping companies and shipbuilding nations.

The company delivers hydraulic actuators and complete VRC systems to customers all over the world. There are no other concepts or technologies that can replace the company’s products at present, and it is predicted that these will remain highly relevant for the market in the foreseeable future.

The tailor-made valve remote control systems produced by company, are manufactured according to clients’ specifications. The basic component in the system is the well-known Scotch Yoke type hydraulic actuator with mechanical locking. The actuators can be delivered as single acting type (failsafe function, ESD systems) and double acting types.

The valve remote control system is used for handling of:

  • Liquid cargo
  • Ballast
  • Bilge
  • Fuel oil transfer, fire-fighting and COW-systems

The systems are installed in vessels where high standards of quality and reliability in valve control equipment are essential.

The actuators can be mounted on nearly all types of ball and butterfly valves. The hydraulic control units and HPUs are designed to meet the functionality requirements set by the various specifications, and high quality components from reputable suppliers are chosen to secure safe and reliable operation. Tailor made PC/PLC based operating systems can also be delivered from Scana Skarpenord. The products are under continuous development, and highly qualified engineers will implement the leading innovations of this particular field. In addition to its range of high quality products, Scana Skarpenord also provides services related to maintenance and upgrade of its products.

In order to maintain its market leading position, the company continually develops and improves production processes. The volume of unmanned, automatic production has been increased, and its competence within tool alternatives and cutting data is developed continuously.

In 2008, Scana Skarpenord invested in three new machines. These machines have increased its production and made it possible to manufacture parts round the clock with several unmanned shifts; in other words a purely automatic production.
For Scana Skarpenord to continue to be an important player in the market the company has to continually improve the production processes and develop good, future-oriented and cost-effective products. This approach is essential to meet the needs of its clients in the marine and offshore markets.

In the marine sector, Scana Skarpenord delivers products to the shipbuilding market worldwide. The systems are installed in vessels where high standards of quality and reliability in valve control equipment are essential.

In the offshore sector, Scana Skarpenord supplies equipment for the remote control of valves for various fixed platforms in the North Sea and complete documentation for delivered systems are in the company’s possession in Rjukan. Spare parts can be delivered for existing installations, and maintenance, repair, upgrading and modification of existing equipment can be offered. The company’s skilled service engineers can also assist on-site.

With a turnover of 132 million NOK, Scana Skarpenord is already a market leader, but has no intention of resting on its laurels. The company aims to supply top quality products and services with the lowest possible life cycle cost to its clients well into the future.

Scana Skarpenord

Products: Hydraulic valve systems