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Installing confidence

Scanel International AS has a wealth of experience in the maritime sector, including operations in the offshore industry.

The business, which is based in Denmark, is a leading provider of electrical installations for the naval and shipping yard industry. Providing a portfolio of services that includes installation of electrical systems, interior and decorative lighting, electromagnetic engines and ventilation systems, the company offers clients a totally integrated package of services and solutions.

The business started in the early 1990s carrying out electrical installation projects for the local clients as Carsten Soerensen, technical director at Scanel, explains: “Ole Hansen established the business in 1991, concentrating on local electrical installation work whilst branching out into operations on cruise ships and shipyards in Finland, and naval vessels. Following an increasing number of projects in the naval sector, we made the move to focus our energy entirely on servicing the shipyard and naval markets, which led to further success and growth for the business. At that time, in the year 2000 our president Palle Lavrsen joined the company, More recently we have moved into the offshore sector, which despite being a relatively new area for us is growing fast. Throughout this period our main activities have always revolved around electrical installation, lighting and ventilation services.”

Scanel prides itself on offering a total package concept to its customers, an idea that involves close co-operation with individual clients and a broad service portfolio: “The scope of what we can offer differentiates us from our competitors within the industry,” says Carsten. “We have a very strong engineering department with a great deal of experience within the maritime industry and a real skill for installation projects. It really is a combined package that we can offer that encompasses the initial engineering work, the installation and servicing. To accomplish this we have very close relationships with our customers, many of whom we have worked with for a large number of years.”

Carsten explains that the company maintains its high quality standards through constant product and service development: “We are always looking to move into new areas and to develop new services to take the business forwards. Additionally, we have regular training programmes for our employees and look to constantly employ new apprentices to freshen up our operations.”

Scanel’s range of services includes electrical installations, decorative lighting and sprinkler installations, ventilator services, HVS, thermography, and electromechanical services. The company is a preferred partner to many of the industry’s leading businesses for the design, engineering and installation of ventilation and sprinkler systems, together with the development and installation of decorative lighting solutions. The company’s employees carry out all installation projects in accordance with international classification societies and national merchant shipping legislations. In addition to this, the organisation offers engineering and project management services to customers for both new and reconstruction projects in a number of areas. Its engineers and project managers are highly experienced in a range of specialities and have in-depth knowledge of co-ordinating and delivering projects to shipyards around the world.

Despite being relatively new to the offshore sector, the business has already built up an impressive reputation for the quality of its services: “We have been working on a large project in Norway, providing personnel to carry out installation operations onboard the ship,” comments Carsten. “We also have a number of project leaders active in the offshore market and have specialists working on projects.”

For the offshore market Scanel has the capacity to undertake new installations and repair and service existing systems on board rigs and vessels. In doing this, the business works with oil and gas clients to design and develop bespoke solutions for individual requirements. Furthermore, Scanel’s highly qualified personnel are on call 24 hours a day to carry out a range of maintenance and repairs of electrical equipment and installations. This includes inspection of existing and damaged units, followed by detailed reports and recommendations of appropriate action.

Reflecting on the growth in the offshore market for Scanel, Carsten explains that the company is looking at more general programmes of expansion in the coming years: “At the moment we predominantly operate in the Norwegian market, with some projects also being carried out in Vietnam, Singapore and Dubai. We are certainly looking to grow the business in the coming years, and although we have no strict strategy in place for that growth we certainly see a lot of opportunities to expand.

“One of the key challenges in moving forwards is that the shipbuilding costs in Denmark and Scandinavia are very high at the moment, which has an effect on our business. However, the overall market picture looks very good at the moment, with plenty of opportunities for us to move easily into a number of new areas. Our customer feedback has been very good and proves the quality of the business. The aim for the coming years is to be a leading supplier of integrated technical systems, equipment, installation and services for the naval and offshore sectors,” he concludes

Scanel International AS

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