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Operating as a highly regarded and fully family owned business, Schmid AG Energy Solutions (Schmid) is a leading international specialist and manufacturer of systems and associated equipment for biomass energy applications. The company was founded during 1936 and has subsequently grown to employ around 300 people while establishing a trusted reputation with operators throughout the biomass energy industry globally. The willingness of Schmid to explore new avenues of opportunity is mirrored by its customer-focused services and company culture. Schmid develops pioneering innovations, while providing optimum levels of service through close proximity to its clients, a rapid decision making process and efficient manufacturing elements and procedures. “We are one of the oldest companies that is solely focused on the development of biomass energy,” observes Sales Director, Patrick Schär. “This is really quite important because we are always aware of biomass energy trends, normally as an industry pioneer.”

Schmid celebrated its 75th anniversary on the first weekend of July 2011 and held an open day event, during which guests were offered an insight into the company’s production procedures and its modern manufacturing facilities. During the celebrations the business officially entered into its third generation when after 52 years working for the company, the then CEO of Schmid Hans-Jürg Schmid handed over management of the organisation to his son-in-law Philipp Lüscher. Hans has since taken on the role as Chairman of the Schmid advisory board and will continue to be involved with the company that he helped to build. “The company has defined my life, so it is obvious that I cannot simply give it up. I am withdrawing from the operational business and handing over management, but for the time being I will remain as chairman of the advisory board,” he explains. “In addition I will continue as a consultant for the Innovations and Client Service division but with a smaller workload. The future CEO and company management have my full confidence. I am certain that the Schmid Group will continue to lead the market with ground-breaking innovations and will remain an important player in the field of wood energy.”

With almost 80 years of industry experience, Schmid today continues to deliver marketleading biomass energy solutions. The comprehensive portfolio of product solutions provided by the company includes applications for domestic, industrial and cogeneration systems as well as dedicated aftersales support. Within the domestic market it delivers power plants with a capacity of up to 250kW through the provision of an efficient wood firing system for detached homes or apartment buildings, while its industrial wood fire systems begin at 250kW upwards. Its most powerful installations serve the needs of a broad range of customers including individuals, the public sector, the timber industry, contractors and the agricultural and forestry sector. The company’s cogeneration systems provide intelligent furnace and gasifier units for generating sustainable electricity from wood, including organic rankine cycle (ORC) systems, hot-air turbines and wood gasifier units. “We’re a market leader in a country that implements one of the strictest standards in environmental protection worldwide. We have a long tradition in the industry, pushing and mastering the technology for decades,” says CEO, Philipp Lüscher. “We focus on what clients need and not on what we want to sell them. Every installation is customised to give the customer the best solution every time.”

The research and development of new technologies is regarded as a high priority for Schmid, which has greatly contributed to the company’s leading position within the biomass energy sector. Schmid maintains its own in-house testing installation at its company headquarters and has installed an air-cooled and water-cooled moving grate boiler and pellet furnaces, equipped with appropriate measuring instruments. This allows Schmid energy to test innovative new solutions or carry out fuel trials on potential installations at any time and by undertaking in-house research and development operations the company is also able to ensure continued operation according to ISO 9001 certification as well as maintain the highest levels of environmental control.

Schmid actively promotes sustainable development by behaving in a professional and environmentally conscious way. By acting as a leading provider of biomass-based energy generation systems, the company not only aims to make a positive contribution towards mitigating climate change with its products, but also works to fulfil its environmental responsibilities as a leading business. “Within Switzerland there is an incentive tax on all hydrocarbon fuels that are not used for energy,” Patrick details. “Therefore there is increased interest within the renewable sector across an number of industry applications. This is something that is not as prevalent in most other countries yet, but we expect similar incentives to come into existence. In countries where subsidies are awarded according to certification according to European standards we believe our technology has a significant advantage and this is something we expect to increase.”

During the coming months Schmid AG Energy Solutions will continue to build on its reputation as a leading European supplier of systems for biomass energy, while looking to increase its presence in international markets. There is currently significant interest in CO2 reduction technology in the US and the company is also interested in exploring potential markets in South America as well as opportunities in South Korea, Taiwan and mainland China. “We are excited to explore the growing international market with companies that have considerable background in energy and mechanical engineering,” Philipp concludes. “We are also willing to invest in training potential new partners in all aspects of the business to cover client needs from end to end.”

Schmid AG Energy Solutions

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