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The focus of Schneider Electric’s attention with their Gutor AC & DC UPS Systems is to secure the continuous and conditioned electric power supply for critical industrial and commercial applications. It specialises in designing complete UPS system solutions, which are mainly used in the global oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical and nuclear, as well as conventional power generation industries. There are clear costs to the risks of an interruption of power in many areas of the energy industry, and the increasing pressures on running an efficient cost-effective process makes the need for a reliable UPS system all the more important. With its market leading Gutor UPS Systems, Schneider Electric has built a reputation on helping its global energy customers avoid the impact of any unpredicted power issues.

Gutor is a well-known UPS brand in the industry as there are few others that can call upon the same standard of quality or track record of reliability that it can, and that is one of the factors that make Schneider Electric’s Gutor UPS systems unique. Its commitment to achieving the highest standard possible for its products is something that stems from the company’s base in Switzerland, and was perfectly extended to its factory in Malaysia that is following the same processes and standards, and is sharing its Quality Management System with the plant in Switzerland. The name Switzerland, and the companies and products that come from there are synonymous with ‘quality.’ Therefore, to know that Schneider Electric’s Gutor UPS systems are Swiss is to know that when it matters most they will do their job.

Continuing on the topic of the quality of its UPS systems sales directors Ravinderan Bagabaldass and Mohan Madalimuthu added: “Our UPS is designed to last customers for 20 years, providing continuous uninterrupted power supply for all the critical loads that they have at their install base. The clients we work with are looking for very high end industrialised UPS, and it is clearly very positive for them that many of ours will go for four or five years maintenance free.”

Indeed, Schneider Electric offers a standard of service that has meant its Gutor UPS systems are in use across the world, which Ravinderan and Mohan offered an insight into: “Our Gutor UPS systems are supplied to backup critical load anywhere clients are located, such as in refineries and other highly important areas of infrastructure. We also provide our UPS services for almost every major oil and gas company around the globe.”

As a result of its extensive and diverse customer range Schneider Electric understands that there is rarely a one-fits-all in terms of UPS, and it provides systems that are designed with the customers’ needs in mind, something that Ravinderan highlighted: “The products are very high-end and tailor-made, and we are very flexible in the design of the systems in order to fulfill all the client’s requirements.”

The importance placed upon providing its customers with an always reliable and exceptional standard of product and service was something that both Mohan and Ravinderan expanded upon: “One of the fundamental strengths that we have as a company and we are exceptionally proud of, is that we always have a continuous belief and focus on the importance of quality. For all of us in Schneider Electric our quality is our number one priority. Quality is compulsory, and we pride ourselves on producing UPS of the highest standard, and this is a part of the DNA of every Gutor expert in Schneider Electric.”

One of the major developments for the former Gutor Electronic in the past decade that has assisted in its services to customers has been it becoming a part of Schneider Electric, and this offers an array of benefits that Ravinderan addressed: “Through being a part of a big organisation, it portrays to the customer that we are a stable and financially sound business. Also, by being part of Schneider Electric it gives us a lot of opportunities to access more global possibilities because it has presence in almost every country across the world.” He then discussed some of the other ways in which it supports their work: “Today we are providing different services to the oil and gas market. This means that we are able to establish a lot of synergy between the two areas, and it helps us offer a package solution that tends to all the needs of a customer – an example of this is the provision of an E-house solution. Through being part of a big organisation it helps us to supply UPS as a part of a prefabrication – something that Schneider Electric specialises in.”

The E-house solution is a complete power distribution substation that is designed, engineered and factory integrated, tested, validated and delivered on site. The E-house helps to reduce the construction lead times, optimise the cost of transportation, installation and commissioning, and enhance uptime due to a qualified and reliable design. Infrastructure customers that need a quick scalable solution to accompany construction of new buildings or industrial facilities can benefit from this new approach of engineering that minimises project times and on-site presence. This option improves safety for both the personnel and the equipment, and it means that there is only one partner that is required through the complete distribution.

Schneider Electric’s E-house solution is just one of the services it provides its customers, another newly launched offer is the Gutor PXC, a standardised, fully industrial uninterruptible power supply for harsh environments. It is ideal for rugged and outdoor settings such as oil and gas exploration and production sites, marine and offshore environments and climates with extreme temperatures. The Gutor PXC protects critical equipment and industrial applications from damage due to power outages, surges, and spikes while providing short-term battery power during an outage. Due to the solution’s standardised and flexible design, users including facility managers, engineers and contractors, now have the ability to deploy a reliable and turnkey solution in a dramatically shorter time frame and at a lower cost: “The Gutor PXC provides the best reliability, safety and efficiency to protect critical equipment in remote and rugged conditions, where downtime is not acceptable and where other UPS systems fail to deliver,” director of industrial UPS engineering and offer management Bernhard Kiechl said.

Due to the expertise, systems and services that Schneider Electric has to offer, it should no doubt remain the first choice for all of those in the oil and gas, and energy industry. Schneider Electric’s clients who invest in Gutor UPS systems rest assured in the knowledge that they are purchasing Swiss technology that has been specifically designed with their needs in mind. When a company needs a UPS system, it needs to have the best, and that is what Gutor technology stands for.

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