SEC AS – Solution Engineering Construction

A winning combination

Generating an annual turnover of over 122 million NOK, SEC AS is founded on a plethora of experience, which enables it to be one of the most trustworthy multi-disciplined contractors in the Norwegian oil and gas industry.

With a range of service capabilities that includes all necessary skills, the company’s 65 multi-skilled staff is knowledgeable in the fields of mechanics, welding, steelwork, hydraulics, electronics, ex SEC 09 2009 bworks and specialist engineering. Based in Agotnes, Norway, SEC AS was created in 2002 as a result of Per Torsvik, who had 15 years of experience in the industry, and his colleagues making the decision to build their own business for serving the global oil and gas market.

Per explains SEC AS’ main operations: “The company is moving forward nicely at the moment due to the fact that we have combined several skills into one service package. We have our own trained engineers, which makes it possible to produce a range of varying products and we have all the facilities and workshops to accommodate all electrical, hydraulic and mechanical skills. We have been operating for several years now in the Norwegian subsea sector, providing topside equipment for all of the major subsea players. We supply a number of oil service and sea drilling companies, and hold a framework agreement with one of our Norwegian neighbours for subsea provision.”

Most recently the company has been investing in drilling technologies in order to discover new markets for progression in the future and to present itself as one of the few companies with drilling equipment capabilities in the region. As a relatively small organisation, SEC AS looks to remain dynamic by discovering niche areas for expansion. Goals have been set to reach the UK market, especially for those looking to operate in the Norwegian sector. Holding a NORSOK qualification, a standard specification in the North Sea that has become universally recognised for providing confidence in operations in adverse conditions, provides a key advantage when seeking new clientele.

Per outlines the service offering to existing and emerging customers: “We want to publicise ourselves as having the right knowledge to correctly install our wide range of equipment first time, every time. We have abilities in the field of complete module installations and this incorporates all services before it is installed as well. For those in oil service we can provide temper equipment, while our investment to be a major shareholder of NorDrill, a drilling equipment company means we can slowly start to be regarded as a keySEC 09 2009 c offshore player.”

One of SEC AS’ recent projects involved in was a total redesign, upgrading and tuning of a 250 tonne hydraulic top drive for NorDrill. The company provided a new design, NDT testing, electrical & instrumentation work, hydraulic work and general operational maintenance to the top drive and diesel driven HPU. By holding a substantial share of NorDrill, SEC AS is hoping to gain knowledge and experience of new drilling technologies for work on offshore rigs, both on and around the drill floor. Operating alongside and for NorDrill projects has seen the company’s influence reach as far as Houston, Texas and Venezuela.

The current economic climate has proven to be highly challenging for those in the Norwegian oil and gas market and SEC AS is no exception, as Per highlights: “It is a terrible time at the moment mainly due to the fact that customers aren’t investing in the new products. But I think that this produces quite a unique opportunity for smaller companies to develop in the future. The bigger organisations are too heavy and too slow, while the smaller companies remain dynamic and can change to adhere to the market developments. As the oil price begins to stabilise, as it is starting to do now, we will be able to move forward in our plans to expand. My vision is to see SEC AS grow in reputation as a company with enhanced knowledge, technical expertise and a combined range of skills. We have the market leading engineers to facilitate this and I think growth into ever more complex products is the future for us.”

SEC AS – Solution Engineering Construction

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