Seismic activity

With an employee count of 554 people and over 35 years of industry experience, JSC Seismotekhnika has established a proven track record in carrying out research and development work to ensure the production of modern geophysical and oilfield equipment. The roots of the business date back to 1973, when the Ministry of Oil Industry of the former USSR decided to found a specialised organisation tasked with the advancement and manufacture of non-explosive seismic sources within Gomel, Belarus. In 2004 the company was reorganised into an open stock company and took the name Seismotekhnika for the first time. Following this the newly focused business was able to quickly master the manufacture of a wide range of oil field equipment to meet all modern requirements. Shortly thereafter Seismotekhnika was certified as compliant with the ISO 9001 – 2009, ISO 14001-2005 and ISO 18001-2009 international systems. During 2014 Seismotekhnika became the first and presently only company to be awarded American Petroleum Institute (API) certification within the Common Wealth of Independent Sates (CIS). “This gives Seismotekhnika a good advantage and allows the business to render its equipment more saleable. After all, the average life of the oil field equipment is 30 years and with API 4F certification, it can be resold in any country of the world,” observes Seismotekhnika Managing Director Luca Tommasi. “It is important to highlight that Seismotekhnika is the only company within the CIS that holds both API and Gost certification and therefore it is fully empowered to provide equipment and services both on Western and Russian standards.”

Today the Italian company Drillmec s.p.A is the majority shareholder of Seismotekhnika, with a 51 per cent stake in the business. Drillmec – a world leader in the manufacture of oilfield equipment – first took an interest in Seismotekhnika during 2011, when it acquired 19 per cent of the company’s shares. Later during 2013, Drillmec took the decision to increase its stake to 51 per cent and thus become the major shareholder in Seismotekhnika. Drillmec operates as a part of the Trevi Group as a global contractor on the design and construction of drilling rigs and work-over rigs for the onshore and offshore oil and gas industries. It manufactures equipment from facilities located in Italy, the US, India and UAE and sells into more than 70 countries around the world. Co-operation between Seismotekhnika and Drillmec has strengthened both businesses and established new opportunities for future development, as Luca elaborates: “The establishment of Drillmec as the new majority shareholder opened a new stage in the development of the company, allowing the business to carry out major modernisation, optimisation of manufacturing processes as well as further training of Seismotekhnika specialists on the Drillmec site in Italy. Such close collaboration opens new perspectives for both companies – it ensures market-widening and the introduction of new clients.”

Seismotekhnika specialises in the field of petroleum engineering with a primary focus on the manufacture of mobile units for work-over and well-drilling with capacities ranging from 80 tonnes to as much as 200 tonnes; land-rigs including drilling rigs with a capacity of 345 tonnes, which are presented in standard land rig and echelon land rig variations for cluster drilling; and vibrating sources of seismic signals, represented by its SV-30/120H and SV-30/120M units. All of the company’s rigs may be equipped with mud systems, power plants, cooling systems or winterisation systems, blocks of tanks and fuel lubricants, all of which are also produced by Seismotekhnika, thus ensuring that its clients receive a full turnkey solution. The company’s product portfolio was further enhanced at the end of 2014 with the introduction of its 9T1000 and 12T1600 drill pumps. As such, its extensive product portfolio and industry knowledge allows Seismotekhnika to offer dedicated services across a host of regions and applications, as Luca explains: “Seismotekhnika undertakes the commissioning, maintenance of the manufactured equipment and training of personnel of the operating companies. Our equipment is highly requested for operation in areas including the north of the Russian Federation, Venezuela, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan with clients including OAO Lukoil; Republic Unitary Enterprise ‘Production Association ‘Belorusneft’; Iraqi Drilling Company (IDC); Socar, the state oil company of Azerbaijan Republic and the Egyptian army amongst others.”

Although the current price of oil has resulted in a downturn in activity, Luca is confident that Seismotekhnika is ready to meet the challenges of the present market and adapt to take advantage of upcoming opportunities in the near future. “The current change of market conditions demands the revision of plans and the retargeting of the business. New rigs for well work over and drilling with various capacities for water production will be oriented for new markets, as the units we produce may be easily adjusted for water drilling with only slight modifications,” he concludes. “At present we are preparing a contract for procurement of such equipment for clients North Africa. We are aiming to increase the volume of rigs to sell in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East and we have already found a company that will supply the new equipment to us after we strengthen our positions on new markets. In the short-term however, Seismotekhnika will focus on personnel training and technical development to allow us to meet the goals we have set.”


Services: Oilfield and geophysical equipment

Issue 122 July 2015