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In 2003 Siri Marine was established as a consultancy firm, led by master mariner Albert Lenting.

As managing director of the firm, his entrepreneurial flair was derived from a career history defined by roles as a deck officer and captain on diving support and top support vessels. With experience in project management, he additionally worked with major offshore construction businesses and within the ship building industry in the Netherlands.

Determined to channel a new path in the industry, Albert began looking for innovative solutions that the market required, as he explains: “A business acquaintance had been developing hi-tech motion sensors. Together we saw an opportunity in furthering the technology into decision support systems.” Primarily at this time the system was used by the merchant navy, as from a cargo safety point of view it highlighted the forces acting on the vessel and produced the results in an easy to understand way. The solution enabled the operatives on the bridge to take the correct action at the correct time to prevent cargo damage. “From there we continued developing the system for other sectors, particularly oil and gas where cargo safety and transport safety is a big issue,” he adds.

A major milestone for Siri Marine came in 2006 when Albert decided to take complete control of the manufacture of the sensors. Having had an equal share in the business up until this point, the change in ownership led to continued growth and the employment of a strong workforce. The appointed workforce is made up of ex-seafarers with strong roots in the maritime industry. Its employees are at hand to apply their specialist knowledge assisting all aspects of the business. Geographically positioned in the Netherlands the company has built up a network of contacts, positioning itself as a world player utilising agents that play a role in locations where demand is high.

“Our latest generation of motion sensor, the JF40 is showing great potential. In May 2014 we attended OTC in Houston where we received a very positive response from existing and potential clients,” highlights Albert. Split into two separate lines, Siri Marine offers the service as a complete package undertaking the installation itself, and this business remains steady. However, the secondary aspect that entails the supply of the systems to third parties for use in their own applications is of growing demand as he points out: “The traditional market of installing rental sets on equipment and assets is still continuing well, but the last 12 months has been highlighted by the demand for sensors and third party application.”

This market is led by the demand for motion sensors in situations such as heli-deck monitoring and heave monitoring on cranes. Comparison between two or more of its sensors shows deformation, flexion and torsion in structures. The product provides a solution to a range of applications, assisting the operatives and management to make the right decisions. “Innovation within our business is promoted through the continual improvement of our own sensor technology and the latest generation is a completely new design. We also are very busy with developing a complete package on fatigue monitoring, foreseeing that condition monitoring on platforms will be a bigger part of the portfolio in the future,” explains Albert.

Siri Marine is in the process of providing motion sensors and environmental sensors to a fleet of new build jack-up rigs for Seadrill with construction undertaken in China. Under its international umbrella the business is working on several contracts in the Far East undertaking fatigue consumption and condition monitoring calculations. When Albert first launched the business the product concept was new. As the product has gained attention over the years, demand has steadily grown, as too has the competition in the field. Looking ahead Albert says: “The challenge as we move ahead is to stay at the forefront of the industry, bringing in new, fresh products that make a real difference to our customers. As a business we want to offer exclusive products and remain the specialist that customers call upon.”

Being small, flexible and able to respond quickly to client’s wishes have proven to be a positive strength in the industry. Operating in a highly specialised field the knowledge within the company supports the provision of answers to the customer’s questions at the earliest time. Expansion within the specialised business is a steady process, and the appointment of agents requires time to ensure sufficient in-depth product training is undertaken. However, as the business continues to grow it looks toward future talent. “On a regular basis we take students from universities and high schools under internship programmes. As a forward thinking business we are always looking at ways of growing,” says Albert.

Over the next 12 months, growth of the company will be in line with new product development, as Albert concludes: “The newly developed sensor is a product that we see has a growing interest. We are also targeting the offshore market through focusing on fatigue monitoring on platforms and jack-ups. As we continue to develop our service offering it remains fundamentally important that we establish ourselves as the number one provider of motion sensors.”

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