Smart meter support

IFS is supporting UK-based National Grid’s new smart meter business, National Grid Smart, with the deployment of IFS Applications 9 across the company’s core business operations.

“The implementation of IFS Applications 9 mirrors the concept of smarter thinking that underpins our smart metering programme, helping us access vital information in real-time to ensure that we’re able to meet tight project deadlines and, in the long-term, ensure a smooth roll out of interconnected smart meters,” Kerri Matthews, Director of National Grid Smart, said. “IFS’ solution stood out to us as a user-friendly ‘single’ system, which could centralise our data management capability, be deployed and adapted within a tight timeframe and which will work seamlessly with our wider solution landscape. We were particularly impressed with the speed of deployment – we had initial system functionality up and running in two months. IFS’ solutions have been viewed as trailblazing internally, and we’re excited about the opportunities they’ll create for us as we transform the way consumers and organisations use energy.”

Among other benefits, IFS’ solution will provide a constant feed of installation and procurement data from engineers in the field via the IFS Mobile Work Order application, enabling National Grid Smart to monitor progress and address initial challenges swiftly.

Paul Massey, Managing Director of IFS in the UK, said: “With the rise of interconnected devices and the Internet of Things, we see smart meters as a major step for the UK on the digitisation ladder, and are delighted that NG Smart chose IFS Applications to deliver the timely, integrated solution it was looking for.”