Specialist Services is one of the leading engineering and fabrication companies in the United Arab Emirates

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With manufacturing facilities in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and a highly skilled workforce, Specialist Services is capable of handling all aspects of a project, from planning and design to manufacture and installation. The business focuses on niche activities within various principal markets, including marine, oilfield, power and telecommunications. Specialist Services supplies its accommodation products to companies around the world; located on a major shipping route, it has an expanding base of international clients in the US, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

The expanding market provides the company with the opportunity to grow its business and attract new customers with its extensive range of products and services, which include the detailed design, manufacture, outfitting, repair, installation and testing of specialist housing and living quarters for people, products and equipment. Among its range of offshore products, Specialist Services offers various types of doors, walls and units, including blast doors and walls, sliding and swing doors, firewalls and prefabricated bathroom units. In addition to these products, the company is also ideally suited to provide clients with a complete range of services for the offshore industry. Offshore contracts include full turnkey projects, repairs and modification, detailed design and engineering. The company also provides accommodation modules ranging in size from full offshore platforms with a capacity for 100 to 200 people, to individual modules designed for one or two people. Specialist Services also offers control rooms and refurbishment services to its oil and gas customers as an alternative to new build.

Included in the manufactured equipment the company offers for well testing are test separators, surge tanks, heaters, manifolds, crossovers, pipe manifolds and sand filters. Specialist Services also designs and manufactures pressure vessels in carbon, stainless and alloy steels in varying shapes, sizes and thicknesses. In addition to this the business complements its long history of delivering high quality modules with the provision of skid-mounted well testing and process equipment for the oilfield market. This includes full engineering, manufacture and testing to ASME and ANSI oilfield standards.

The business also supplies a variety of camps to the oilfield market. The skid-mounted camps it provides come in a range of specifications dependent upon regional usage and the client’s preferences; the primary design requirement is for the camp to be hardwearing so it can cope with constant transportation in off-road areas. They can also be lightweight, if they need to be transported via helicopter or heavy duty for master skid and Kenworth winching use. Specialist Services’ oilfield camps are designed to provide ease of use and maintenance and are finished to a high standard. The business’ long experience in providing camps ensures that camps provide a comfortable and safe environment for employees.

The business provides the oilfield market with a variety of other products and services within the area of accommodation units. These include a comprehensive range of modular buildings, which are used in all oil applications from geophysical exploration through to drilling and on to downstream refining. Built with the harsh environment of an oilfield in mind, the buildings are of the highest standard suitable to the conditions they will be subjected to.

The key to the success of these projects is build quality; Specialist Services’ staff has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the safety rules and regulations relating to the offshore oil industry, which ensures the highest quality. The organisation’s well-trained and highly qualified engineers and modern manufacturing facility mean itis in the best situation to provide cost effective services and the construction methods conform to the specifications set by Safety of life at Sea (SOLAS) 1974 regulations, which were implemented by various standards organisations such as the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Lloyds, Det Norske Veritas and Bureau Veritas. The company’s health safety and environmental (HSE) policy has the objective of preventing all accidents, near misses, property loss, industrial health related illness and to minimise environmental damage that may be caused as a result of Specialist Services’ projects. Periodic reviews ensure that the policy is being successfully implemented and that it is suitable and effective.

Understanding the importance of tackling environmental issues and maintaining the high level of quality that sets it apart from its competitors is key to Specialist Services’ future success, but it is just one way in which the company is looking to progress. Specialist Services is constantly looking at ways to lead the industry and guarantee it is consistently providing its customers with quality and value. This commitment to customer satisfaction combined with commitment to quality means the business can develop and increase its success in the future.

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