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Spirax Sarco is committed to helping steam users in all industries achieve growth that is both profitable and sustainable.

It is the world’s leading provider of steam system solutions, and through its global network of over 1300 dedicated industry engineers in 34 different countries, and with over 100 years of experience, Spirax Sarco can give clients access to the expertise and resources they need to improve the performance of their plant, comply with legislation, meet environmental goals and stay ahead of even the most intense competition.

Industries and applications
Spirax Sarco understands that energy costs typically account for over 50 per cent of operating expenditure, with the generation of steam being one of the largest components. By working alongside Spirax Sarco, customers in the oil and petrochemical industry can achieve energy savings and process improvements, ultimately reducing their impact on the environment.

Through its range of Steam System Services and products, designed specifically for customers needs, the organisation aims to help them achieve the optimum performance from their steam and condensate system, allowing clients to focus on their day-to-day operations.

A perfect example of how Spirax Sarco works with its clients is a recent project it has completed with Northumbrian Water to halve the energy it uses to raise steam at its Bran Sands anaerobic digestion plant. The work has been so successful that the utility company now plans to work with Spirax Sarco and apply the same approach in its new plant at Howdon.

The energy-saving project centred on solving an issue with two boilers at Bran Sands where a low-water alarm would come into operation, even though there was plenty of water in the system. Low-water alarms made the boilers cut out, reducing the time that the boilers were in action. “The issue slowed the process down,” explains Frank Errington, works co-ordinator at Bran Sands. “We’d lose energy as the boilers were on and off constantly and were cooling down during the downtime.”

Northumbrian Water called in Spirax Sarco engineers, who quickly spotted that the existing level probes and controllers were not suitable for the application. Replacing the controls with equipment from Spirax Sarco solved the problem.

Spirax Sarco supplied two LP30 self-monitoring water level probes for each boiler, along with LC3050 level controllers. Rewiring and a new control panel completed the new low-water alarm system.

Bran Sands was also experiencing a growing issue with false alarms in its high-water control systems, although they didn’t cause the same downtime and energy losses as the low-level false alarms. So Spirax Sarco also replaced the high-water probes with its own LP31 probes.

Finally, the utility company opted for a Spirax Sarco service agreement to keep the boilers working properly in future.

“Both boilers are now available most of the time and we’re experiencing stable operations,” says Frank. “The energy savings equate to about 50 per cent of the energy needed for raising steam.”

Northumbrian Water is so pleased with the success at Bran Sands that it has now asked Spirax Sarco to apply the same boiler controls at its new anaerobic digester facility in Howdon, which is currently under construction.

“Spirax Sarco are very good at what they do. They’re very helpful and very knowledgeable and we get a good response from them,” says Frank. “They’re similar installations. Howdon is an enhanced version of Bran Sands and the process is the same.”

For 100 years, Spirax Sarco has been committed to helping steam users optimise productivity, and its reputation is built on a vast knowledge of steam applications. The company believes that steam efficiency is a vital component of productivity. For customers, efficiency in steam usage means savings where it counts.

At Spirax Sarco, the job is not complete until it improves and maintains a steam system. Whether it be reworking a present system or installing a completely new one, the first priority is increasing productivity. Experience has taught the company that there’s always room for improvement.

Spirax Sarco draws upon its worldwide resources in order to deliver the thorough service that sets it apart. From initial consultation to effective solutions, the company’s goal is a safe, reliable steam system and it always aims to improves productivity.

The reason Spirax Sarco is the first choice for steam system users worldwide is simple – with so much experience in so many industries and countries, no one better understands what the customer needs.

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