Stolthaven Moerdijk BV

Growing capacity

Stolthaven Moerdijk BV is a strategically located storage terminal facility located between Antwerp and Rotterdam that offers tank storage for bulk liquid, drumming and services such as an IBC filling station, jetty, repacking, tolling, blending, heating and cooling (bulk liquids).

The facility, which presents an attractive and popular option for many of Europe’s leading bulk operators is situated in a congestion-free and lock-free port that is accessible via sea, inland waterways, highways and rail.

The facility, which benefits from high levels of experience and skill throughout its organisation and a deep understanding of the bulk liquid sector, is part of Stolt-Nielsen’s Stolthaven Terminals division, which is a distinct advantage for the business. For example, Stolt-Nielsen is a global business that operates six divisions that cover a broad range of services and industries. Currently this group consists of Stolt Tankers, Stolthaven Terminals, Stolt Tank Containers, Stolt-Nielsen Gas, Stolt Bitumen Services, and Stolt Sea Farm. Being a part of this diverse range of business activities gives Stolthaven Moerdijk access to a wealth of knowledge across a global spectrum, while the overall strength of Stolt-Nielsen means that the facility has solid and dependable support in terms of continued expansion and investment.

The facility in Moerdijk was acquired by Stolthaven Terminals in 2012, so it is a relatively new enterprise, but it has quickly become an important aspect of the terminals division’s business by providing additional support to its intra-European coastal tanker and inland barging service. The terminal, which is managed by Marco Dalmeijer, currently consists of 37 tanks which equates to a total of 31,720 CBM of storage space, with tank sizes of 340 CBM, 500 CBM, 900 CBM, and 2000 CBM. This provides storage for (hazardous) bulk goods and there is also warehousing capacity for the storage and handling of dangerous goods for approximately 13,000 pallet places, with an additional 1600m2 warehouse space for non-hazardous chemicals. The site can be accessed via jetty, which is suitable for loading and unloading barges and sea-going vessels with a maximum length of 175 metres. There is a pigging system for all jetty lines and vapour return and nitrogen blanketing are also available.

Considering the products passing through Stolthaven Moerdijk, the storage tanks themselves are naturally of the highest quality. For example, all tanks are made of stainless steel 316 L and Mild steel, with each tank having dedicated pumps and lines to exclude contamination. Furthermore, most of the tanks at Stolthaven Moerdijk have capabilities for nitrogen blanketing and a vapour return system and can be heated through the employment of electrical tracing circuits. As well as storage Stolthaven Moerdijk also provides a drumming service, from a sheltered filling station with two filling lines. Both of these lines are suitable for filling steel or PE drums up to 250 litres and one filling line for filling IBC’s up to 2500 litres. The facility also has full unloading/loading capabilities for containers, trucks and vessels.

Stolthaven Moerdijk is of course just one link in the Stolthaven Terminals global chain. The division has a network of 20 owned and joint-venture bulk-liquid terminals around the world in Australia, Brazil, China, Europe, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, and the US, with a total storage capacity of 3.8 million CBM. Stolthaven Moerdijk is one of six fully owned terminals, the rest being in New Orleans and Houston (US), Santos (Brazil), Singapore, and Dagenham (UK). The Dagenham facility was acquired in 2012 having been formerly owned by a French business, and it was an important foothold into the UK market for Stolt-Nielsen. Situated just 15 miles from London, the facility provides storage for petroleum products, CPP solvents, base oil and vegetable oils and has an overall capacity of 134,232 CBM.

The Stolthaven Terminals network is vast, providing high quality storage solutions for customers worldwide and building strong, lasting relationships with individual clients in order to establish integrated transportation and storage solutions that reduce costs and increase overall operating efficiencies.

Stolthaven Moerdijk plays an essential role in this network, and moving forward the business has firm expansion plans that involve increasing its capabilities and adding new services to its portfolio. All of this is firmly in line with Stolt-Nielsen’s main strategy of enhancing berth efficiency. The business is planning to expand its storage capacity in the near future by adding a total of 16,000 CBM of stainless steel tank capacity, which will ensure increased business opportunities in the market.

Furthermore, it is also currently in the process of building a major new depot for cleaning both its own and third parties’ tank containers. This is taking place on a large plot of undeveloped land near to the Moerdijk site, which will ultimately become a Stolt Tankcontainers Depot. Lastly, there are also plans in the pipeline for the construction of a new drumming installation, which will consist of two drumming lines – a fully automated and a semi-automated line capable of filling a wide variety of drums and IBCs, which is due for completion in 2015. Ultimately the terminal is ideally located to take advantage of ongoing market growth, and with the backing of Stolt-Nielsen it means that there is the drive and support to make this development happen, taking Stolthaven Moerdijk successfully into the future.

Stolthaven Moerdijk BV
Services: Storage terminal