Supreme Services

Supreme Services, based in Houma, La., is the exclusive provider, through an exclusive license and distribution agreement, of natural gamma (N/G) radiation products to the oil and gas industry. These products are environmentally friendly, safer to ship and require less regulatory oversight of their transportation to oil and gas companies’ locations.

“The N/G product is a non-regulated source that has a significantly lower type of radiation,” President Tommy Fanguy says. “It’s a low-emitting source that we can ship worldwide and the paperwork trail is not near what it is with a regulated source.”

N/G subs, which are connectors that connect one component to another, are a safer replacement to the hazardous RA or radioactive subs. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has deemed that N/G products are exempt from licensing, which Fanguy says, means the company’s product does not need special handling, storage or transportation.

The product comes in a kit called “N/G Paste,” which is a radioactive source that is blended with a common thread compound used throughout the oil and gas industry. This product is applied to the threaded pin area of the pipe joint and once applied, standard operation of making up the pipe continues, Fanguy says. The N/G Paste can be used for tubing conveyed perforating, setting sump packers, setting downhole assemblies and any application where R/A subs have been used in the past.

The non-regulated, natural gamma ray substance provided only by Supreme Services is new to the oil and gas industry, Fanguy says. The N/G sub, when used with a gamma ray scintillation tool, will provide about 200 to 600 gamma ray counts per second to locate exact depth in a well bore. R/A material provides a much larger charge at 3600 to 5000 counts per second. “N/G doesn’t cover everything,” Fanguy admits. “There are cases where the product will not emit high enough counts to be detected, such as through cement around casing. In this case, a regulated higher count source will have to be used.”

Groundbreaking Services
Named Industry Supplier of the Year for 2013 by the Oil and Gas Awards, Supreme Services consistently delivers new and innovative products to the oil and gas industry. The 30-year-old company not only delivers innovative products to the oil and gas industry, but also delivers exceptional customer service.

Supreme Services was a pioneer in the industry in 1996 when it offered the industry’s first FracAssist Service Team (FAST) to provide offline assembly and testing for companies, Fanguy says. “Companies save precious rig up time if they utilize FAST,” he explains. “FAST provides for easier, safer and more efficient rig ups, which is a direct savings for the customer by eliminating costly rig time and safety exposure.”

FAST is part of Supreme Services’ rental division that specializes in small footprint designs that can accommodate the smallest shelf rig as well as some of the largest deep-water rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. The team has highly trained personnel who perform assembly and testing of remote-actuated surface iron packages prior to the frac vessel’s arrival at the rig, Fanguy says. The service is being applied to single pad multi-well, land rig up’s with frac stacks and integrated zipper manifolds.

Supreme Services is not the only provider of this service, but it stays competitive because of its years of experience. “We are a few years ahead of these other guys because we got started before the market was saturated,” Fanguy says. “Our patented products increase safety practices and save hours in the process, which leaves our competitors at a disadvantage.”

Improving Daily
Supreme Services has become the largest specialty rental company to the oil and gas industry by providing a number of services and equipment, including thru tubing, pump support, FAST, frac stack services, inventory management and storage. Through the boom and bust cycles, the company has stayed progressive with new, patented product manufacturing and continuous quality improvements in all business lines.

The company is always looking at new services and products it can provide to its customers. Oil and gas companies look to Supreme Services to solve problems and save money as wells mature.

Supreme Services provides services “anywhere there is oil and gas,” Fanguy explains. The company has sent equipment and service teams all over the world and its most recent work has been in Africa, Russia, Pakistan and Kuwait.

“With over 30 years in a volatile industry, sustainability means more than just being around for Supreme; it encompasses continued committed leadership, quality, safety, innovation, and protection of the environment and community,” Fanguy says. “Sustainability at Supreme is also about moving forward as a thriving successful business.”