Surround Technologies

Maple Ridge, British Columbia-based Surround Technologies Inc. is a world-class designer, manufacturer and integrator of custom modular enclosures, electrical systems and mechanicals systems for commercial and industrial applications. Unlike many of its competitors, the company is a turnkey solutions provider for commercial and industrial clients who seek a single point of contact to deliver quality modular enclosures efficiently and cost effectively, Sales Manager Denis L’Abbe says. Surround Technologies offers its customers a consult, plan and design/build process for their projects.

Surround Technologies is enjoying significant growth this year based on the fact that an increasing number of energy and mining companies realize the benefits of modular installation vs. traditional on-site construction. “Customers are able to cut the overall project schedule in half because they can do the foundation work at the same time we’re constructing the buildings in house,” L’Abbe notes. “Also, since the buildings are being constructed in a controlled environment, it’s much easier for us to control quality and regulate safety requirements.”

As one of North America’s first suppliers of modular pumping stations, Surround Technologies designed, built and installed two modular pumping stations on the Copper Mountain Mine site. “All of the piping manifolds were included in the packages,” L’Abbe says. “They were preassembled, and all the pump mounts were engineered into the base of the building. This allowed them to drop the piping manifold building right between their input and their output for a full turnkey system.”

The company also produced two modular office structures for the mine site featuring control rooms with refined finishes and expansive windows that provided specifically designed sight lines for the mine. “We worked with Copper Mountain through Hatch Engineering,” L’Abbe recalls. “They were extremely helpful throughout the project. We worked through any potential road blocks that we might have had as a team and came up with a final resolution to deliver buildings that met all their requirements.”

In April, Surround Technologies joined the AdvanTec Global Innovations group of companies and is proud to be part of a leading group of industrial control systems manufacturers, integrated electrical systems manufacturers, and induction and architectural bending systems providers. “This positions us very well to provide full solutions to the mining and oil and gas industry through the group of companies; providing solutions through innovation,” L’Abbe says. “We’re looking at expanding our facility in the next 12 months and adding additional training programs to continue to increase the quality of our products and provide our employees with new opportunities to grow professionally.”