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Established in 1984 and ideally located on the south coast of Norway with easy access to the sea and shipping environment, TeamTec is recognised across the world as a quality supplier of incinerators for responsible waste management on offshore rigs and vessels.

The company also produces fire, water pressure and explosion resistant marine windows and ejectors, also called waterjet pumps, for the stripping of ballast and cargo compartments. The organisation was founded on the back of an experienced ejector and incinerator provider known as Golar that was founded in the early 1960s, and throughout its history TeamTec has been taking over the Golar portfolio while maintaining the generations of experience it holds. The main focus of the business is to preserve its technical edge, which enables it to compete at the forefront of the market throughout Europe with regards to quality service and knowledge.

Olav Voie, managing director of TeamTec, explains the key qualities that ensure its continued success in the industry: “We have customers all over the world and export between 80 and 90 per cent of our turnover throughout the globe to shipyards, ship owners and rig owners operating in the marine and offshore sectors. We remain dynamic by investing more on resources than our competitors and continuously developing our current provision and capabilities. We have at least two employees dedicated full time to development, and in addition to that our engineering, service and production departments facilitate progress on a variety of solutions.”

TeamTec holds a standard portfolio of products that provide clients with safe, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, though these can be modified depending on project requirements. Different regions of operation are subject to varying conditions and as such the company is able to make the required modifications to its standard range to increase its offering. For example, yards in Korea have different requirements to those based in Norway and so TeamTec can make changes to meet the needs of its international clients. Furthermore, the company is often involved in specialist projects involving the likes of the US Navy, where the organisation has more than 40 combustion units installed in aircraft carriers.

The quality of TeamTec’s ejectors is unrivalled in the industry with their design lasting the lifetime of a vessel. The company is often contacted after the scrap of a vessel to buy back an ejector that is still functioning at optimum levels. The ejectors are manufactured in total at TeamTec’s location in the south of Norway, which has its own foundry and machining centre. Here, the products are assembled, tested and certified prior to delivery.

The wide range of incinerators, which includes a series of combined package solutions, is highly designed to enable customers to dispose of sludge from heavy oil powered engines, waste oil, lubricants, solid waste, food waste and black water in the most economic, practical and simple way possible. These high-tech solutions are computerised and fully automatic controlled to make daily use simple, automated and safe for the user over a long product life. All products ensure compliance with IMO requirements and meet the latest governance on waste disposal. Small and compact dimensions are offered as a result of the high temperatures they run on and therefore the high capacity they can hold for both liquid and solid waste.

Olav outlines the company’s world leading position for incinerator provision: “We currently hold a 40 per cent market share of the incinerator industry worldwide and have two fabrication facilities in Norway and China. Our production agreement in China was set up 1984, signifying our extensive experience in creating these high-value products. The major benefit of our incinerators lies in the low operation costs they generate. They are 100 per cent based on combustion burning waste, or what we call sludge onboard and can be produced for a number of combination needs such as termination of black water as well as solid waste. We are definitely at the forefront of the market due to the fact that we have the capability to adapt to client and regulatory demands.”

Indeed some of the latest regulations to be imposed on the industry hold restrictions for waste water, the allowable limit of oil in water has been reduced from 15ppm (parts per million) to 5 ppm. TeamTec took on this challenge and used its knowledge of the historic complications of onboard oil and water separators to create a product where water is terminated into the chamber of the incinerator – this is the first of its kind in the world. This solution is a huge focus for the company not only on the authoritative side of operations, but also in terms of environmental benefit. Disposing of waste locally under controlled combustion has been indentified as the safest and most eco-friendly method.

TeamTec’s fire rated windows used in accommodation units onboard offshore vessels and rigs are some of the most popular across the globe. With emphasis on crew comfort and safety, the window range has been designed to surpass the latest sound regulations of reducing noise by 53 decibels and instead provide a 64 decibel reduction. The optical solution of the glass is also of guaranteed quality throughout its lifetime. In terms of installation costs, TeamTec is the most economical solution, a factor of utmost importance in the current global climate. This is due to the fact that the glass can be installed in two steps; firstly the steel frame is installed, followed by the window itself giving cost efficiency.

As a result of the economic crisis, the business is facing pressures to reduce waste management costs whilst still creating the most environmentally friendly solutions possible. However, Olav is positive that TeamTec’s portfolio of standard and combined products can meet even the most diverse range of needs: “We are optimistic about our future progress in the accommodation and window market due to the fact that increased crew and accommodation demands are being seen in decommissioning fields around the world. For incinerators it is a little unsure as no one can tell what will happen in the new-build market, though our experience and knowledge of such will help us to ride out any challenges. At a production rate of 2000 vessels a year, we can continue at the business level we have today, with the market share we have today, and in the meantime we will remain proactive in relation to adopting new requirements. We are discussing a number of key developments such as burning gas and opportunities for onshore solutions, so we see that we will continue to be at the leading edge of technical advancement for the coming years.”

TeamTec AS

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